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    Society and Sexual Distortion

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    The apparent "gayness" of many coaches

    In the realm of sexuality it is better to be sexual than to have no sexuality. Most people are androgynous, or exhibit no sexuality at all, rather than masculine or feminine which causes them to appear flat (After all if you are not a man or woman then what are you?). One can easily tell the...
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    Inner game? Can you really change?

    Aristotle once said that habit is all. Show me your habits and I will show you who you are. If you aren't happy with being a musician and a "diligent student" then why betray your soul and try to be something you are not? The key is to change your habits and be true to yourself. Don't play the...
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    Salute for the Fallen

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    Are women inferior almost useless creatures?

    And women inspired almost every man who has made anything. From great Literature to the most modern technological advances that men make, there is always a woman behind it that has inspired the man in some way. I believe Pook once said, "Men love the idea of robots. Women do not. Why? It is...
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    New Member/Need Advice

    No!!! Run while you still can! It's not too late! What ever you do don't take the blue pill! :crackup:
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    If we don't tolerate hot/cold girls, then why do we expect them to go crazy over it?

    Hello. Be careful when you say and think the word "we". This site is just a collection of individuals who seek to improve their lives. If you come here to be associated with these anonymous Don Juan's. You will be chained to this site forever. Shouldn't your goal be to leave these training...
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    Divorce Court: He's too nice

    Here is more proof of how real this stuff is ---> Lesson of the day: Make sure your chick likes you before you get married.
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    How can we avoid women flaking on us?

    Well yes and no. Assume that she'll be interested before you get her number, but while you are dating always assume that she is disinterested. That way while you date her she will have to prove her interest to you. For example, let's say you date Chick A and she isn't interested in you. Most...
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    Narcissism : How to fight it?

    Narcissism is the denial of oneself for the sake of others. If you buy a Ferrari to impress people you probably are a narcissist. You should only buy a Ferrari because you like Ferrari's not because everyone will like you more for having one. If you take a quiz to find out how narcissistic you...
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    Advice/Help Needed!!!! New to the forum.

    Read this next--->
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    How can we avoid women flaking on us?

    ^Here is your problem. You are focusing on "getting" the woman (or women :) ) instead of focusing on the women getting you. The goal shouldn't be getting a woman to go on a date with you, the goal should be to find a woman who is interested in you. If she flakes you, you should be happy that you...
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    Is America heading toward the trash heap of history?

    No... How so? All that has changed are a few numbers, which causes analysts scream bloody murder. Numbers are easy to manipulate to make them say what you want. That is why things like statistics based on polls are idiotic. There are not masses of people who are starving, the vast...
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    Crazy theories you believe in

    Believe what you want bro, but just remember there is a reason why the Mayan's aren't great anymore. Didn't they practice cannibalism and other weird $hit? Just something to consider before you go off claim that this is true. The part in bold contradicts the Law of Conservation of Energy. I...
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    What is the point of Gender Roles anymore?

    What is a gender role? Are you referring to the sexuality of man and woman? Ehh... I'm too lazy to write so read this (it explains it better than me anyways :rolleyes: )---->
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    Society and Sexual Distortion

    Bump Bump? I think so...
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    What should I do with my life?

    That is true but I wasn't saying making money is bad or anything of that sort. I was saying don't sell yourself for money thinking it'll make you happy, because it won't. At my job I see a lot of people who delude them selves with this "get money" mentality, as if it were a panacea for all there...
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    What should I do with my life?

    Only you can answer that question. Anything you effin want. Why are you asking random strangers (on a forum dealing with attracting women, mind you) what you should do for the rest of your life? Discover life yourself. Have you ever had a hobby that you love doing? Make that your career if...
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    I think im boring...

    When that happens just turn on the radio and sing along to the songs obnoxiously, go 120mph down the freeway, drive crazy, punch her (lightly) in the arm when you see a yellow car, just start talking about random stuff, whistle to yourself, tease her, stop your car; put it in neutral; turn on...
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    Come on now

    Well I'm not so sure about that one. Do us a favor and re-read your original post. It doesn't sound like intrigue to me. It sounds like an attack. If you really are intrigued then ask why we talk this way about women. Oh also read this thread (and not just the OP)--->...