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    hot or not rating accurate?

    hey every, hows every one doing? Any way, like the title says how accurate do you think the these rating are?
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    NEW: Game theroy - slow progression.

    Lately what I have been doing an experiment; intentionally taking it very very slow on dates.... I would initially escalate kino just enough to stay out of the friend zone. Then I will back off and say things like "Oh hey let me call you back, I'm hanging out with a friend"(on my cell to some...
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    Having standerds that are too high. Is worst form of ego.

    I may need to lower my standers, cause I've been in this rut for long time now. Really getting sick and tired of it. I disqualify women all the time because of stupid things, and women that I am attracted to end up being unavilible. I am getting kind of tired of this **** on the real.
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    CYP's 100 # close FRs.

    Iv been feeling a little anti social after my break up. So its just about time to start this thing, I can approch like a mad man but lately I haven't been doing it, and whats worst I haven't been getting the numbers. So I'm gonna start this journal, just for my edification. Enjoy.. Marry Christmess
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    Check out this artical about YOUR EGO Any thoughts?
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    Need advice, call or not to call. NEXTED oneits texting me.

    So yea I was going out with this chick for about 2 months, we were both seeing other people. I started to get oneits over her, and i asked her to be my gf. she said shes not ready for it. so I nexted her. I cut contact with her compleatly. She txts me on thanks giving wishing me and my family a...
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    Did I get blow off tonight?

    So the hottest chick at my work, was totaly on my jock, so I asked her to if she wanted hang out tonight. And she was like yea, "just wait for me untill I get my station cleaned up." So I did. I waited 20 mins in the parking lot with a couple of buddies chatting for about 20 mins. She come out...
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    Focus On a Passion.

    I think its more important have a focus in life than to own the very best of cloths. Ever since I started to focus heavily in school, I find I can make more "mistakes" with with women and still be successful. Pick some thing you really want for your self and go for it. If its in education make...
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    telling girls there buetyfull before you kiss them?

    what do you guys think about doing this?
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    oh SH!T i found mystery on hotornot! what the fucccccck, that him right.. when i when to log in to hotornot i recodnized him. thats him right?
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    Eating clean? a couple of questions.

    Would some one explain this one to me? I think I know what it means but there are soo much that I'm confused on.
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    techniques are wack!!!!!! just date.

    Seriously. Just date. Read the bible get the basics. and date. dont need to do that cf stuff or neg hits or any of mystery method stuff. have respect for your self and have high standerds. (You must have things going for self to do this) And just ask women out. some one much wiser than me once...
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    Any one play the piano?

    I just started, and I'm having problmes syncronizing the left and right hand... im learning some songs off you tube. but i cant play each hand indpendently. any one have any tips on how to practice to get over this?
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    Improve Thy Self.

    Its important to be saticefied with one's life. Only then will others want to be a part of it. So cultivate your relationships with friends and family. Take up a hobbie, go back to school, even if you already have that dream job, better yet go to the book store, stay in shape, learn to play an...
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    kiss close in 30 mins?

    Was it a fluke or can this be replicated? I felt like I was on my game the whole time I was gaming her, 10 mins to build attraction and isolate..(negs,dhv,coocky funny) 10 more to get to know her and bam, just whent for the kiss... From now on I'm gonna try to do this in every set... But I stil...
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    Food server - tips. about how much can u make?

    About how much can you make a night working as a food server? I just got hierd at TGIF. Its kinf of like chillies or rubios. Any know?
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    SS can be used to as insterseting conversations in dates!!

    even though as a DJ you can naturally attaract women, SS can easily be used just for fun on dates and such as fun games. like running the cube or some thing like that or running a pattern for 10 mins just to pass the time between location to location in the car.... any ways im just trowing it...
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    How do you cold read?

    Iv never used it before, but ive seen a couple people talking about it. would any one explain how to do it and the effects of it please?
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    How to start a Social circle from nothing!

    Lonely? Depressed? Bored? Humans being social creatures we “NEED” other human contact to be stay physiologically healthy. Being isolated has many negative impacts on a person’s life, even in the animal kingdom a social animal needs its own kind to socialize with in order to live a happy and...
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    Math touring for DJ lessons.

    Well this is the situation, this really smart dude at my university want to trade math lessons for "help me get girls". He is awsome at math were I am less than good at it. I really need his help for next semester keeping a 4.00 is cruicial for my life goals.. anway... he seen me work a room...