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    What do you reply if a woman is degrading your job?

    She’s probably saying that for fun, perhaps because she envies your job. I wouldn’t take that personal or find it degrading. I’d reply with anything funny that comes to my mind.
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    How much she initiates, shows a womans IL

    If a woman is interested, she makes the ride quite smooth. There’re times though when a woman just wants to relax and receive all the love, care, and attention. You’ll notice she won’t text or call first, but when you stop calling or texting, she’ll complain why you stopped. I’ve noticed that...
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    Have I been friendzoned?

    You’re doing great OP, she probably likes you too, make a move and let’s see. She doesn’t have to want to be attached in the beginning, maybe with time she’ll like that, but that’s not for you to decide, just do your part.
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    The Internet is the problem

    Yah, for better and worse.
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    Sleeping with tons of girls, feel empty

    Perhaps you should know the girls a bit more, maybe there’ll be something more than a physical or sexual attraction.
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    Great quote I read this week

    That’s a very good one. Words don’t mean much to me compared to actions, and in most cases I’m only looking at actions. That’s where the truth is.
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    Friend trying to set me up with another girl

    Let your friend do the basic work for you, he can tell her you’re interested and would love to be with her. If she gives you her number after knowing this, you know you’ll have a smooth ride.
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    Applying theory

    She might want to control everything, that’s not the best as your opinions also matter. Pick the time and place next time and let’s see.
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    GF maybe walking soon

    You’ve been honest and straightforward with her from the first date; you’re a good man, I hope things work out for you two. Women feel honored with marriage, but from the first date, she knew what she was getting into.
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    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    I think you can make her understand that eating anyhow and not exercising can cause health problems. You don’t only want her to be in good shape, you also want her in good health. Maybe she’ll listen.
  11. J

    The smoothest thing you ever said to a woman!

    “Wow, I bet your lips will taste like sweet Milk Chocolate”