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    Facebook game

    Making ex's jealous has worked wonders for me in the past! Even when I was a total afc I still understood the power jealously had on women.
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    Why Do Chicks Do This?

    Because they are cruel and heartless and get their panties wet by hurting someone that cares for them!
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    Facebook game

    I know most people on here are against liking chicks photo's and typing compliments about their photo's but it could be a good tool to make other girls jealous. Let's say your ex saw you complimenting or bantering with another chic on facebook it could make her jealous. I was wondering what...
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    Anybody Here Religious?

    I am very religious I study The Bible a lot and go to Church often.
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    how does a man deal with a c*ckblocker? male, or female

    Just have a better game than the male codblockers. If it's women I try to befriend her friends too or if you have a good wingman have him to distract her friends.
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    Need some help with clothes

    Thanks man
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    How to deal with a girl that is still hung up on her ex?

    I know this Hb8 23 year old 6ft tall hottie that is completely devastated be her boyfriend dumping her. I have had a crush on her for a long time. She tells her friends that she is very heartbroke even posts it on facebook. I even seen her stalking him and his new girlfriend the other day. lol...
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    Need some help with clothes

    I am clueless about what to wear anymore. I gave up on staying in style in middle school. lol I have not idea what clothes women find attractive on men anymore. Only the pants I have anymore are work pants and dress pants. Mostly just t shirts and a few dress shirts and shoes are just tennis...
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    The pendulum is starting to swing back

    Even most women realize feminism is unnatural.
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    Question: Why Not Just Screw Escorts?

    I agree with you just aren't enough quality escorts in my area.
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    Would you be concerned about a "rape by fraud" law?

    At one time Seduction was a crime! If I can find it I still have a copy of the statue. I found it while in college. There were some very strange laws on the books years ago.
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    Being aloof is working magic.

    It didn't really work with my last long term girlfriend, she texted me out of the blue after we had been broken up for about six months and said "you always seemed like you were just looking for an excuse to leave" and when I was dating her if I didn't call every day or was at her house all the...
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    I'm 31, and have no physical attraction for women 21+ is this common?

    I am the same way the younger girls look better.
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    Don't be Nice! another real life experience.

    What would have been a good response to that sh<t test if you wanted to salvage that relationship?
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    Feminism Will Fail

    Very True! Men have bowed down and gave women the power. If they will quit doing that things will go back to normal. Most women don't even want the power. My grandmother till this day believes that the men eat first! Women and kids eat last.
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    Got shoved out the conversation by women I was with.

    Chicks are evil and have no remorse.
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    Would you marry for money?

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    This video shows the true nature of women perfectly

    He should have kept acting after she seen the money and changed her attitude and said no you said you weren't interested and seen how far she would chased him.
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    Anybody been in a fight with a jealous dude over a chick?

    Any jealous ex boyfriends, stalkers, orbiters ever jumped you over a girl?