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    Advice needed: Post K close within 30 mins

    Thanks guys i resisted the urge to contact her well. i woke up to a text she sent at 1AM "Hey im off the market, life is too hectic, but if im ever find time to go dancing, i MAY have to come get you.." (she has family members who are sick, and lives with them about 200 miles away)...
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    Advice needed: Post K close within 30 mins

    Last night, went out, met an HB9 that approached on the dance floor. Danced with her, got close, kino etc. she held my hand and said lets go outside, so we did. Talked for half hour, lots of kino. I was making her laugh uncontrollably, to the point where she holds my hand n goes "you're so...
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    Im back: Very messed up, need advice

    Damn!....thanks guys, that was the best advice i could ask for. Well written and to the point. I really need to read that daily till i get over this crap low in on. Like Brosy said, It Will be back!...
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    Im back: Very messed up, need advice

    Ok so its been ALONG LONG while since i posted here last. Since then ive moved up, gotten a much better job, penthouse apartment overlooking the city on the north shore and lost an extra 5 pounds of body fat. I was dating a gorgeous italian girl, decided to take time off the game and...
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    Research Shows Oral Sex Causes Cancer in Women Only What the fvk!!!... This sounds dodgy....
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    2,000 Posts in 3 years, Blood sweat and tears....

    ....keep pushin got the knowledge the know how and the of the best here
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    First time Back to gaming at the clubs

    Haha ma man!...the one thing I didn't give up thru that Rltnshp was the gym dude..4 times atleast, if not 6.. It's not so I look huge as heck, but to feel comfy rockin nice clothes and to be healthy. gym really motivates me for life, the routine and the discipline keeps you steady in life and...
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    First time Back to gaming at the clubs

    So I was mad at the live in gf, who I just ended everything with, set a time frame of 2 weeks for her to GTFO. So Saturday night I was furious needed to vent. She went out with her girls to some club.. I call my busy Jake, he's a UFC fighter and plays pro rugby. We hit the clubs and go...
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    Need help frm senior DJs to understand women's psych

    Iv never dated from online. So dont know the dynamics...but here's a tip, Maybe next time, offer to pick her up.. Sometimes, just knowing that you're coming out of your way to pick her could take the "laziness" factor out.. Alternatively you can say, you can bring dinner to her, is she used the...
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    Need some quick house tips - girl coming by

    Some of the responses here are jokes right? I mean pads? Candles? Tooth brush? On a first home visit? The most important tips are not really tips, they should be a NORM already for any man. Neat lounge Clean couch Healthy snack:drink options Tidy the fridge(if you're going to let her...
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    Ending it with live in GF

    Hehehe..Solomon! How are you bruv, been too long! Sad to say I thought I would never falter and my Over confidence got the best of me and I tripped..into this bull ish! Anyway when she offered me head in the car while I was driving, I declined and said I don't want to look at her face...
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    Ending it with live in GF lads!..awesome convo. Ok answering questions one by one 1. We moved from The States to Australia. Yes big move I know However, not so big for her, her brother lives in another city in OZ and her friends live in this city. So she's good. 2. I moved in with her because I thought I was...
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    Ending it with live in GF

    Holy cow! If four years is the Max then what's the point in gettin married lol. She was forcing ne to get married last year n I put it off so I'm glad. As for the other poster, no when the sex was happenin it was great, Freaky sex all over the place. Even now every now and then, once a...
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    Ending it with live in GF

    Daughter?...noooo..she don't have no daughter's just her and me moves to a new country.
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    Ending it with live in GF

    Ouch!...Gehenna nicely put.. So the question is two fold 1. Do I stoop down to being heartless and knowingly kick her out 2. If no, how do I get the sex back in? I'd rather sex her than the girls from HR at work..I've got options, go for coffee and drinks after work with 4 girls at work...
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    Ending it with live in GF

    Been along time since I got on here. That's because I decided to settle in with the girl I was dating. At the time she seemed perfect and everything was good. Right now, everything is still good, she's clean, she's caring and very good as a gf. However, she is lacking any libido, there...
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    When is a good time to get into LTR or Marriage?

    As title says. I am 28. **Please excuse this self acclamation** I have my own consulting company focusing in IT, strategy and banking. I am considered to be very successful. I still believe i can expand and grow my empire bigger. however for 28, i make near 30Gs a month. which i...
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    This Is What Ended My 1st Marriage

    my last LTR would make drama out of everything. she would pour over my facebook comments to my friends and see if she can find something on me. I would always go off at her about bringing BS to the table and i would kick her the F out my house if she talked sh1t to me. later on that evolved...
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    Crazy b!tch wants to fight!

    you did good dude. firstly, brushing it off just shows your friends you dont stoop to that level. secondly, as you said, no love lost or found in fighting in a no good, leather hide.. letting that **** slide is the best thing you did. ill tell you why: i have a friend who is...
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    WTF Females are SO Self conscious yet so easy

    hahaha true, but this girl was hot man, pretty face, big t!ts and a nice round ass. skin was tanned too. I didnt think it was gonna be easy but i was in a crazy mindset though. I just didnt give a fvk, so tired of this gotta play by certain rules bs. anyway crazy hindsight