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    Plenty of fish chicks dirty little secret

    Idk I had a POF profile for a couple of days, chicks were hitting me up.
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    Why is it GUYS who seem to get too emotionally invested?

    Because they only focus their attention on one girl instead of branching out. And they don't realize that most women are worthless b1tches.
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    How to have TOTAL CONTROL of your girlfriend

    Best thread I've read on this site. (Besides Pook's stuff) OP's is not a phaggot
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    Banging a girl at the same time as another dude

    OP's a phaggot; dude don't worry about who else shes fvcking, its none of your business. Srs And who made you the ultimate decider of what a "real DJ" is? OP don't listen to this mad phaggot
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    How do you deal with a "friend" like this?

    This is what you probably think: This is what I think: It's...
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    I just had the WORST DATE in the Sosuave history.

    Question is, what are YOU looking for? If your trying to **** her, try to come over on the late night when her kids are asleep. I disagree. You dont have to "fight off" anything. If she asks you **** like that just blow it off with something like "We'll see where this goes", etc.
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    Date went fine until this happened! How should I respond?

    Why didnt you take her back to your place or hers? She obviously wanted to ****. You blew it. :kick:
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    she blinked...after 5/6 days

    You better drop the emotional **** or get out of the game or you WILL get hurt.
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    how many times to you call or text girl before moving on if she don't respond

    Depending on the situation, once or twice.
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    Being stalked by an ex...and her boyfriend

    :crackup: :eek: This ***** and that idiot are obviously off their rockers. See if you can get a restraining order.
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    girl has plans, quick play question

    How about you do whatever you want to and learn from it instead of asking other guys to run your life for you.
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    What do you guys think of asking random girls to have sex?

    Don't do it where you live or anywhere near you live..
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    What about her would make you classify a woman as crazy

    When you next her and she all of a sudden claims you Sexually Harassed her/Raped her and everything was clearly consentual (if this happens to you A.D.M.!).
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    You Squirt Mustard On Her Coat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't stop laughing either and if you try this trick your going to get b1tch slapped.
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    Girls Says I Sexually Harassed Her...By Giving Her a hug

    This situation has been neutralized.
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    Girls Says I Sexually Harassed Her...By Giving Her a hug

    Oh yeah I'm glad I didnt get to **** her cause she's obviously one of those RAPE girls....:eek:
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    Girls Says I Sexually Harassed Her...By Giving Her a hug

    So this Woman, who I dated and nexted, from work told some admins that I Sexually Harassed her by giving her a hug...a month ago. I've analyzed her whole story and it is preposterous and suspicous. This was after I went No-Contact...Well I learned my lesson, never again... I'm going to...
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    And this is why you don't mess in your social group...

    Your scared of the potential consequences. Less Fear, more Action; just like in Approaches. You got this :up:
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    broke up with my girl cause i wanted to bang other chicks

    Umm...Good Job? Just keep banging them, you'll feel better eventually :yes: