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    Online To Make Sure The Chick In The Pic, Is The Chick You'll Meet

    I will ask you this, Francisco: But who is John Galt? Etienne
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    Field Report: Library Pick Up

    And you have, you've made me laugh.:crackup: No but, seriously you did crack me up. As I've mentionned, let us wait and see. Soon enough, we'll know who's right. Rest assured that I will admit my mistake If I was wrong just like you will. Let reality be our judge. This is what made me...
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    Okay Guys, In All Honesty

    Yes, that's what I was trying to say. The techniques work, they are in fact effective psychological manoeuvres that do have an impact on a lot of women which does eventually lead to sex. I didn't add much to what we've all been saying, but your post was as close to reality as can be, I...
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    Field Report: Library Pick Up

    You are making the assertion that because it happened to you, it will, without a trace of a doubt, happen to others. Well, that is not so. Just because something happens to you doesn't automaticaly it's going to happen to others. That's faulty logic. Go for it, try it, and tell us wether or...
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    How is my AFC friend getting all the chicks??

    Well, the fact that you laughed when he broke up seems to prove otherwise. I certainly don't laugh when some of my friends break up, why whould this bring any joy to me, if I love them? Maybe you might want to ask him for advice instead of waiting and expecting him to break up at any moment...
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    Field Report: Library Pick Up

    Bah, you're just being jealous, shame on you. Good job buddy, that required guts and you've done it. You've got my respect. Étienne
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    It's like there's just no hope for me man

    By the way, human beings need an overwhelming amount of information to change. In other words, psyching yourself up won't do it. Modifying your self-image is a tremendous task, a very very hard one. You will need to act in a way that is a different that you are now for an extended period...
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    Basically what you're saying is to do to others what you would like to be done to yourself, an universal truth way back to our good friend Jesus. Étienne
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    Here, this should pretty much gives you a different perspective on self-esteem: [b]Note that I would strongly suggest reading the whole article which is quite fascinating if the whole self-esteem paradox is of some interest to you.
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    Get Girls to Fall for YOU!! (without losing who YOU are)

    Heh heh, Fine I'll participate in this little experiment. Funny and romantic type I have a gift for making people laugh pretty much at will. I use this a lot with women, albeit unconsciously. I also like getting to know a woman and try to make them feel unique, special. This usually...
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    You can't lie

    Jesus Christ! I'm so glad I read this. Bottom line is the following: You get better by doing something, not by reading about it. Techniques and so on might work short term, but are doomed to fail in the long run, being based on delusions. Being successful with other human beings...
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    Okay Guys, In All Honesty

    The tactics do work. However I hope nobody are kidding themselves. The tactics here are nothing more than plain psychological manipulation. I've tried the tactics in question, and got a *******. In the long run, I'm not sure it was worth it as it required so much conscious effort to put...
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    I really hate my friend

    You don't hate him, you're just jealous of him, which isn't the same. Instead of complentating and desiring what your friend has, you'd better spend that energy into action. I can assure you it will provide better results. Étienne
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    accutane question

    Amen to that. Etienne
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    The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

    Self-esteem, in other words, self-evaluation, is poison and one of the best way to limit yourself in life in every sphere of your life. Ask yourself, why am I afraid to approach a women? Is it because I've got some ugly face, or small biceps? Not so. You are afraid to see your ego...
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    Field Report: B/J Girl.

    If I was to lie, I would put a much better looking girl. She was ok, but I certaily wouldn't make up a story for that much. No need to be jealous, this has happened to you too. Wise words, wise words indeed. Keep you updated on my next field experience... Etienne
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    Tolerance to incertitude...

    This is what has worked best for me with women and life in general. It's the antidote to anxiety and some fears. It's all about being aware and accepting the rules. It all comes down to that. Whenever you are about to do something, remember to be tolerant to incertitude, or you will be...
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    You got what you sowed. Good for you man. Bloom explained that fear has it's uses. It's nature's way of eliminating the weak and keeping the strong. Weak are dominated by it and the strong dominate it. You are right, when it comes down to it, it's all about fear. Good article.
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    Why is the b1tch doing this?

    Why are asking yourself, why is she reacting that way... Here's my question to you: "Why the hell are you accepting this?" Don't give me I am indifferent story, you obviously aren't, since you posted about this. Do you think you should be treated like trash and be walked upon by...
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    i'm a loser

    Perfect example of someone without psychological knowledge giving out advice. Your own reaction isn't far from dramatic itself... This guy is reacting on the spur of the moment. We've all been there, you included. Act all dramatic after something happened. Jay-X, you're probably thinking...