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    Smiling wife filmed telling hit man murder option 'easier than divorcing husband'
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    What does a DJ do when dissed by his GF's kid?

    I have to agree on all counts. If I had pulled that with any of my parent's friends I would have gotten a swift smack to the back of the head and an immediate apology would've been required of me. But then...I wasn't raised by a (crappy) single mom.
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    The Women of LA

    ...and this is where I live:
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    i came pretty close to going to jail today

    Eh you did the right thing BB. If you have to throw down, best to not do it where there's security cameras, security guards, and ten million witnesses. Then again, if he actually attacked you first, that could all work to your benefit. But if not, the story the camera will show is you and this...
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    What's your advice for a man whose fiancee thinks her engagement ring is too small?

    Sorry man, I could not disagree more. Sure what you said might apply to some of them, but I know from experience that when a woman is truly in love with you she will dismiss friends and sometimes even family to support/be with you. The rare "real" girl won't give a damn what anyone thinks about...
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    What's your advice for a man whose fiancee thinks her engagement ring is too small?

    Actually if you read her question, *she's* not the one who thinks it's too small, it's her harridan mother and some other snarky b!tches. Women sure can be cold, spiteful jealous little creatures...I mean, who the f sh!ts on someone's parade by disparaging their ring? If I were her I would cut...
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    Woman hires hitman to murder husband; Supreme Court of Canada lets her walk

    Man oh man. I just watched the whole video. It's truly unbelievable and utterly reprehensible if the Canadian courts let this woman, nay, criminal walk. I applaud Michael Ryan for making that video though. Would love to hear brad80 or one of the other resident attorney's opinion on this whole...
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    The cake has been taken

    Dude a lot of girls I've messed around with, even the smarter ones, claim they have some 6th sense of some sort. Stuff like detecting good/bad energy, one even told me she was attacked by spirits before, all kinds of crazy sh!t. I don't why but these girls think they are some sort of conduit...
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    What's your current living situation?

    Man I had a female roommate once, and only once. It lasted about 3 months before I had to get out. The madness started when I tactfully declined her drunken sexual advances but then brought home a much sexier girl than her a week or two later. She flipped out after that and started going...
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    The crying jerk

    Yeah I knew a guy like this a couple years ago. Not a friend, but just a guy I knew from around town. Fairly big dude, tattoos, etc. He was putting his gf of 3 years through all kinds of nonsense, telling her he was "maybe going to break up with her in a week but he wasn't sure" etc. She finally...
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    No Single Friends Left

    Very, very true. That sentence right there is the gem of the thread so far. Rep. I have this problem too, which has become blindingly evident since I recently exited stage left on my LTR. Man I'd love a good wing but it's been about 3 years since the last one. And I actually do know/meet a...
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    the it's not my fault delusion

    This type of sh!t bothered me immensely, for the longest time, until I just accepted that most women are much like children in this regard. Accountability is an alien concept, and blame will be automatically assigned to any available scapegoat. I guess I eventually realized the only antidote...
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    Desdinova's Relationship Recovery Journal

    Hey youngster, this is the Mature Man forum, ya dig? Now just go back to knowing everything somewhere else... ;) Des, my only advice would be - don't get caught in the trap of outcome dependency. You will surely sabotage yourself this way. You met some cool guys? Awesome. Personally I...
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    Desdinova's Relationship Recovery Journal

    Right on Des, as your clone from the other thread (ha) I definitely appreciate the positive field reports man. This forum definitely needs more of this type of stuff and I plan on contributing greatly in that regard in the near future.
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    Single Moms

    Got to agree here. I dont judge any other man's decision, but personally I'm not going to allot a huge part of resources to spawn that ain't mine. Even if she's not a carouselling slvt but just got played by an as*hole who left her high and dry, it's not my obligation to pick up the pieces...
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    15% of girls in the US take antidepressant meds

    Weak argument man. That was a band of fanatics with very small numbers. Now, if everyone who owns a firearms in the US decides they've had enough? I think the 270,000,000 civilian guns in the US vs. whatever the military has is a bit more of an even match. Which was the whole point of the 2nd...
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    Look what this guy did to impress his girlfriend!

    Why am I not surprised by any of the above.
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    Save the world, Be a hero, Get married!

    Damn I agree wholeheartedly man. I think 90% of the AFCism and BPD epidemic is directly attributable to lack of strong family life in these people's youth. They had no truly masculine (or feminine) role models growing up and their personality/self-esteem/identity really suffers for it. It's...
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    How did you 1st click with your wife?

    LOL. Post of the week.