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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

    I'm still in. I've been bogged down by assignments all week so i've only left the house to go to college to hand them in. At college... DJing has been the last thing in my mind I think i'll do this week's assignment, next week or at least in the first half of next week so I don't get too far...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    I've noticed that too! I was out the other night, standing in a line about to buy a drink and girls were starting conversations with me. Maybe we're all holding our heads a little higher, and people really do notice! It's still difficult over here. It always takes me a few 'hi's' to warm up
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    I've been trying out making eye contact and smiling. It's an amazing tool I never knew I had! Where I would previously walk past a pretty girls, I've been trying to make eye contact and smile. It's amazing how good it makes you feel, and it's amazing what impact it seems to have on the other...