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    "But what about your girlfriend?"

    I know what you mean. Before I went out with my girlfriend, I would have tons of girls sit on my lap and flirt with me with heavy kino. Now, they still flirt with me, but they always say "You have a girlfriend" when I try to accomplish something more.......exciting I agree with Leporello. If...
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    I need a refresh of DJing dealing with this girl

    Before you go in, envision how you want the "date" and the outcome of it to go. When you finally get into the game, flirt, make her laugh, and sneak in a few innuendos. Speak naturally, without a preset routine (listen more than you talk, though). Steer her to the outcome you envisioned. A...
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    Where do I go from here?

    If it were me, I would simply type to her: "I asked you a question and if you refuse to answer it, we will get a divorce."
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    confused after going out with girl

    Maybe she saw you were a bit needy and clingy, maybe she is playing hard to play. Maybe even a mixture of both. Either way, don't focus on this one single girl. If she didn't want to be your romantical friend, then simply search for a new one.
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    What to do?

    I am suffering a similar crisis, but not in as bad as you are, since I had a few girlfriends before. Here are a few tips: 1) Continue to be flirty Keep the spark going, just don't overdo it. 2) Keep her on the edge Let her know that she is replaceable if she doesn't abide by your rules (don't...
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    Actually, it is genius. In my prolonged absence I have been experimenting with girls in high school (since I was moving from place to place, I had that kind of opportunity), and I used something similar ("are you adventurous?"). She said yes and we kissed.........only after knowing each other...
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    so she suggested coming to her place...

    Do it. A girl I was once dating also put me in a similar situation and I ended up getting head. She was pretty damn good at it too. If you don't get any action, don't sweat it. Just make-out/cuddle/have a good time/whatever and maybe next time you will.
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    do you shave your pubic hair all the way off?

    Kids grow up so fast these days. I moved to Georgia because of girl problems. Hormones can be a pain in the ass at times.
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    do you shave your pubic hair all the way off?

    I'll come clean. It grows so long I accidently pull it when I piss and it hurts me so I trim it some. I heard some girls talking about how they hate pubes and some like them so I guess trimming keeps them both happy :)
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    Out Don Juaned

    There was this girl I been trying to woo for sometime. This other guy took her away. Guess what? I realized she's a total b!tch. She's petty and she's flirted with me, but once she hit me on the side of my face, and bruised it for a week. And also today she stabbed me with a pencil. I...
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    Emo haircut

    Well I'm letting my hair grow out and its pretty long, but I want an emo haircut because I find it pretty cool (and because chics dig it, and because I love emo chicks). Any help WILL be acceped.
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    Mark Twain - interpretaion

    I cant relate to it, but the meaning is that at first he despised Eve and thought of her as in impediment, sentimental, etc. But after being with her for so long, Adam realises he loves Eve and would give up the Garden of Eden for her, because Eden is wherever Eve is.
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    How far down are condoms supposed to go?

    Really, I'm barely 13 and I have a 6 inch long wang.
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    Butt Bumping

    I'll be trying out the tricks Don Juaneros post and try them in highschool out of sheer boredom and humanitarian reasons. Now that we gt that out of the way, here are my results for Butt Bumping: Girl 1: She loved it. All it took was a butt bump after talking to her for a min. for her to...
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    So how does everyone dress?

    Yeah, I'm wear girl pants sometimes too. But my parents think I'm wierd. I do get more attention from girls when I dress like that. It's an emo thing, everyone loves emos. Where do you shop Trend?
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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez a.k.a. "Gabo"

    I found this info in Amazon (I's long): Living to Tell the Tale, the first of three projected volumes in the memoirs of Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Márquez, narrates what, on the surface appears to be the portrait of the young artist through the mid-1950s. But the masterful work...
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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez a.k.a. "Gabo"

    I am an avid reader of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and I want to know if anyone else has read his works. I find his books rather appealing, because he writes about normal life and extraordinary events in a combination that makes it seem almost natural. Not only that, but he also writes in...
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    Is it really annoying to you too?

    Well, er.....I'm am a bit young, but I do not post unless it is important or it has been biting at my ankles for some time. I joined to help people in highschool, or others who may need it, for one day I may need it too.
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    What to do when a girl is attracted for you?

    I'm 13 and I'M studying the DJ Bible, between soccer, training, working-out, school, chores and more, so don't be a bum and read a little of it everyday. It was made by experts who went through a lot to get the material to write it.