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    Ye, I think so too. It all comes to the way you wear it and yes, how well it fits with the rest of the attire. "feel the difference": for chicks =>> not the worst case, but dudes like this make people hate all brim...
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    Music Appreciation Thread

    edm/trap/hardstyle rap stuff. weird combo, but oh well.
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    Height is very important

    yeah, height matters a lot even as a dude, i dont care for pretty much any girl below 5.7, my perfect range is 6-6.3. about 50% of my male friends are 6.1+ too, i dont really care at all about it, but it just happened so for some reason. I am attracted to tall dudes too i gues (no homo)
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    dating game...BORING

    indeed weird. why the hell would she stare into your eyes, smile, give the number and would take so long to reply. i hate texting games with all my soul. I prefer calling
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    How Often Do Women Check You Out?

    What do you guys consider "checking out?" Am I the only one who got confused?
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    Been a big fan of baseball flat brimmed hats, but recently found a lot of hate comments about them as wearing these hats is associated with douchebags, rappers, ghetto and so on. I never really cared about love\hate opinions related to them until one of my favorite bloggers posted this...
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    Girls GTFIH

    left ofc. i dislike darker people with brown/black/dark eyes
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    best story from weekend game! warning to afcs - will make u sad

    tictac ur obviously jealous, dont even try to hide it
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    Wanted to share my most alpha moment

    u lost her because u didnt escalate...? are u serious?
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    one lame girl, one more time

    Pyros, I am still dating that chick :)
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    Weak Chin/Jaw. Think i need a chin implant?

    very smart advice above. cant really add anything
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    Girl flaked, not sure what do to next.

    his case is pretty similar to my current dating one, only BIG difference is that she openly said she has to think. it is a game changer indeed, i havent paid attention to that. I mean she OPENLY SAYS SHE HAS TO FVCKING THINK?? SERIOUSLY? dont even fvcking talk to her if she texts stuff like...
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    Girl flaked, not sure what do to next.

    no lol, dont write her off. dont text her this weekend, dont text until at least wednesday. on wednesday night text her something simple like "lets go out this weekend/are u busy this weekend?" girls have billions of reasons why they flake... so just take it as it is and just wait. the worst...
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    Tinder girl flaked, but counter-offered

    jesus christ, finally some dude who makes sense. people here are fvcking stupid telling to next any girl who shows low interest or just flakes after several dates lol...
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    Girl flaked, not sure what do to next.

    lol, it's not it dude, wtf ur talking about. wait few days and ask her out, no need to play stupid mind games "who is going to text first." just make sure to wait some time so wont appear too needy/interested. my girl flaked me twice for stupid reasons, yet we are still dating, she was all over...
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    I'm getting dumped

    yea, u really need to stop seeing her.. i never could understand how one could have sex with the girl who broke with you.. weird as sh1t
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    Sharing my AFC letter's and journals I wrote getting over my EX.

    nice, i had similar thoughts and feelings when i was in love. being in love is a great feeling, glad you experienced it :)
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    wouldn't it be easier if there was no fb, whatsapp, twitter...?

    my big IMO is that people are generally now much more lonely than ever before, this kinda applies to dating. i think girls are approached less on the streets as guys have so many different options and substitute activities. hate me for this opinion :)