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    Calling All Indian DJ's

    I was thinking of creating a lair in India. If you are interested, let's start the talk.
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    Looks versus personality

    Kimberlyeah, you SHOULD BE in the Age 13-17 segment of the forum. The guy who said, there can only be one calculator in a relationship. Wrong! It's not calculation, it's compatibility, it's chemistry. And when you have that chemistry going between you, you don't need to game on for your...
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    For the guys who do direct approaches

    Still no replies???!!
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    For the guys who do direct approaches

    If you are doing direct, you probably know, rejection is way more than success. So, my question is, don't you get tired? At one point? Do you think that one girl who gave you her number to be that worthy for the previous 20 rejections you had? My problem, I am getting so discouraged...
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    How to become more sexual

    You don't have to say anything. Sexuality is in the vibe. The way you say Hi, the way you shake hands, the way you present yourself...I would say, sexuality equals more or less to confidence. Confident and assertive people are sexual!
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    Advise me....

    I think you are doing just fine. Trust me on that. Saying a girl you like her ain't a big deal. Remember the rule: two steps forward, one step backward. So, just give it a slack till Saturday. On Saturday, watch her reactions toward you and then escalate again. But don't make it too fast...
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    Girl has high IL, but there's another dude..

    There's a difference between dating someone and meeting someone. If someone just meets u up for a good time, then there's no 'exclusivity' in the relationship. But if someone is dating you, then she is invested in you. That calls for exclusivity, in the sense that a hooker may have interest in...
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    Office Game: Help me out!

    Yes, seriously it sucks! Though I don't want any girl that goes by what someone else says. Still it doesn't sound too good. The only good thing that is, I am being in the news, whether in a good or bad way!
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    Office Game: Help me out!

    I will be pretty precise in my story. I don't like to bore you out with a two-page saga. I joined an office. I was introduced to some hottie by some guys. I made friends, was trying to play it cool...just chat with her through office Skype. I in fact started flirting with her, but just a bit...
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    What age did you lose your virginity?

    Hahaha...even I was thinking the same. Anyway, age 23 to HB6 (then 15)...But it was not that impressive!
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    For the LAST time. Your looks WON'T matter!

    Tell you what, they say the proverbial Don Juan (someone called Guisippe Giovanni or something like that) was really ugly...He was balding, short and fat! But Casanova...dressed pretty well. He was Italian btw.
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    Interrupt Her!!!!

    Mind translating?!
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    For the LAST time. Your looks WON'T matter!

    Looks matter!! And I am one good lucking guy...I have been a PUA for the past couple of years. And tell you what, the first of the very few things that girl tells me is that I am quite cute. Sometimes, I wonder whether it is my GAME or my LOOKS that's getting results from women. Yet I am...
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    In general, you SHOULD get more success from day game

    You are kinda right. Well, you WON'T find 9s and 10s that easy, whether it's day or night.
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    power struggle? texting, etc.

    Hmm... u seem to be thinking too much about it. Probably it's ur fault, or probably it isn't...Remember this line: cop or blow!!! You will cop some girls while others will blow you out. And that's part of the game. If you are asking about this particular situation, i wouldn't refer to...
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    She was an 8 or so i with new girl!!!

    Okay, here's what I have to tell from my personal experience. You sound hot, and since I am good looking too, I know where you are coming from exactly. You have lots of girls flocking to you, but there's the quality problem. I would suggest you to keep using (yes, USING) these girls to...
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    What race are you?

    You meant Hispanic.
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    Thoughts on this daygame opener?????

    If the results were good, then you should go with it. Simple.
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    Re: Day game and what openers to use

    You can find some good article here. Read it.
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    Guy friend

    Stage TWO Problem- "Bloody ****! I know I am a regular visitor of Sosuave Forum. I am the biggest player on this planet!"