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    The Truth Nothing Wrong with being yourself

    I must confess.... On reflecting Ihad my MOST success with women when I was myself. I.E. I simply went with the flow of things (I placed myself in tune with the environment with the universe around me) I cant describe teh feeling...I just lived in the moment I ust felt good energetic I never...
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    How to Overcome Yourself

    I notice something in general about this site. Many of us are looking for one liners or the advice on what to say to women. Why? because we doubt our own abilitites and therefore go ahead to seek toehrs approval and advice. We belittle ourselves like that. Also the mere fact that we need so...
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    The Concept Of Inner Game

    Have any of you guys ever played the game The Sims? Do you notice how each area of your sims life is organised? To me teh Inner Game is Like that..... Every single quality and aspect of your life named and rated.... Charisma Body Intellect Creativity Social Skills Diet Happiness So...
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    Your Worst AFC mistakes And How you Learned From Them

    She left her number on the check guys. When I called my method of Approach was wrong. I told her I got the number from the check which gave the image I stole it and no that I thought She wanted me to take it. Her boyfrend sounded veery thuggish so He was pissed. It seems that he is pushing it...
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    Your Worst AFC mistakes And How you Learned From Them

    Nor do I. Its Just she is apparently a Drama Queen. Because Even ma employers were calm about it and saw that it was a simple misinterpretation. Apparently she just sounds like she wants money or is going for Blood. Some ppl are like that I guess. But nonethe less I still want to hear some...
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    Your Worst AFC mistakes And How you Learned From Them

    I need someone to help me Because I have Faiiled so deeply It sickens me I misinterpretade a clients impression to me at a workplace. She told me she left her number on hr check and I like a Dumbass Took ti to mean she wanted ME to call her. So I did... Now I may lose my Job or she says she...
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    Life is so hard right now.

    Tactic I Know Exactly what you are talking about. If you depend on others to make you happy you will end up being DEVASTATED and bitter. Secondly do not depend on other people to validate you, Just because ppl like you you shouldnt pat yourself on the back and feel good about yourself - Be...
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    friggin 'a! I cant communicate to people let a lone women, I hate life! I WANT TO DI

    HAHAHA Everyonce in a while there comes somebody who has nothing else to do but revel in Self-pity OK I Will Say This Only Once Nobody gives a damn about your problems my friend. Whislt you are brooding in your self pity people are outside in the world having fun. You think...
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    Rate your Approach skills

    Ok basically my problem is I am becoming insecure in my approaches so I always end up looking like a fool Let me give you guy s an example. I am at the food bus waiting on my order and up comes this HB8 next to a HB9 (Indian girls witha big butt, wide hips and moderate sized breasts) I...
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    Dealing with rejection requires emotional control

    I agree. I have Been getting rejected so much these days it hurts Like **** man.... But I think of MJ, Picasso, Einstein , Tupac Bob Marley..... These are all people that NEVER STOPPED Doing whjat they wanted out Of Life.. I REMEMBER THE ONE THING IN MY LIFE THAT KEPT ME CALM THE ONE...
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    The DJ Proverbs

    Got a couple More Realise that the More people Love you The more others will rise that shall Hate you Learn to be content in the worst and teh best of situations When times are good enjoy them , but when times are hard realise it maintains the balance of life Theory with no...
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    The DJ Proverbs

    It basically defends the Jerk attitude. Be an ******* to them be indifferent towards them and they will lust for you
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    The Benefits of Being Nonchalant Towards Women

    After today I have realised the value of being mysterious. In high school I HARDLY SPOKE. Even my family found it annoying how I kept to myself Noone could get me to speak.... Now I am here in college I completely changed my attitude. I wanted to be the Life of the party . So i...
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    The DJ Proverbs

    Check it IVe been thinking of what the game is so Ive began thinking of application. We all have the knowledge of how to attract women. But tthere is a difference between Knowledge and application of this knowledge The one who knows, knows .but the one who applies the knowledge is wise...
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    Need Tips on Hunting Skills

    Listen I Want to know, There is this girl Ive seen which i find attractive. I am in college and We have no classes together so I just want to cut the bull and approach and be honest with her eg. Excuse me whatws your name Sexy Girl: Maria, why? Me (matter of factly) Because I think...
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    for Pook

    WOW Cutler i mus say i respect u bcuz I myself can relate to the suicidal tendencies and I too overcame through the discipline not to let them affect me or keep me down hey evrybody has to give Pook props whether they like or dislike him
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    I Didnt Get Laid Today!!!!!

    She waS There we just talked the whooole time and she kept staring at me telling me i was weird and wat not
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    I Didnt Get Laid Today!!!!!

    Ok I was hanging out with this Chick and telling her that i was leavin in a week. So we started playing around ended up kissing. that was last week this week i went over to start something and i didnt get no response at all ( Didnt even let me inside tha house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) How Do you...
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    Club anxiety

    I can relate to you because I am despairingly insecure. At times I would approach a girl I would get tense and wonder wat she was thinking and whetehr or not she would play along or reject me so as a result i just wouldnt approach anybody and stay by myself and end up more miserable than when i...
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    ye I guess its stupid so you guys think i shoud jus ignore it then?