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    Initiating female contact as a male gender role is not as bad as it seems

    We can only assume that this is what both Red Pillers and Intersectionalists alike mean, when they start blubbering about "Gynocentrism" and "Patriarchy", respectively. That double standards exist for men and women alike, and that are flaws in society which disproportionately affect one gender...
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    Tristram Shandy Freud: The Making Of An Ilusion The Blade Itself
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    Is it even worth it for a guy like me to try with making moves in-person?

    You've had the great fortune to snag a shrink along similar to the one described here * I can't encourage you enough to heed the guidance he provides you, rather than doing...
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    Intellectual Obesity

    Another way of thinking about all of this
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    The Harshest Lesson/s Life Taught You (so far)

    All a matter of the way in which one thinks of such things. They CAN be harsh, if one does what's currently en vogue right now, by endlessy thinking to themselves: "This is awful, horrible, and unbearable... The Satanic System we live under MUST be overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up, so...
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    Inner calm

    A sensation immortalized in song not long ago
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    Is it even worth it for a guy like me to try with making moves in-person?

    In the far-from-ancient past, we were discussing these subjects in sentences comprised of everyday language , instead of communicating like Manosphere refractions of The Woke...
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    80s Song Men Need To Hear

    They (And millions more men)wouldn't have been making these observations throughout human history, if women weren't anything other than what they inherently are. It's tough to not miss the days when we spoke of these things in Standard English, rather than emulating The Woke Left's insatiable...
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    Dr. Ruth has passed away

    Expressing such heretical thoughts out loud seems to have earned you an excommunication. Pity. I always enjoyed our conversations, and found your thoughts intellectually stimulating
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    Is it even worth it for a guy like me to try with making moves in-person?

    Now that you're aware of this, start altering your behavior accordingly, and resist the urge to ruminate on the fact that you didn't learn sooner. We're all constantly being made aware of things we were previously unaware of, and discovering that things we once believed to be cut and dry really...
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    IRL: a discussion with my Gf

    That was an opportune time for you to educate her on the necessity of recognizing that emotions are not hard evidence of anything And that you're not interested in being around anyone who's going to regularly resort to emotional reasoning...
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    Is it even worth it for a guy like me to try with making moves in-person?

    Yeah, they've become aware that antics like loudly boasting(while standing in line at Trader Joe's) of dousing kittens in kerosene, then setting those poor creatures ablaze, drives away regular people. They've likely read venerable tracts such as "How to talk to anyone"(Leil Lowndes), watched...
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    Texting Turns-off

    Memories of Armie Hammer's fall from grace still being fairly fresh, it's ill advised for any of us to be especially visceral texters
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    Texting Turns-off

    Provide us with some examples of the things you're texting these broads
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    my lowest point and the most magnetic men i've ever met

    "If we have to do all this work beforehand, this mean that we need to consider this as a job, and keep working in order to keep the relationships we have, and will have. Is this worth?" Yeah. If you want not only women, but people who aren't societal dregs to gravitate towards you, then it's...
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    Is it even worth it for a guy like me to try with making moves in-person?

    As was discussed in a separate thread When men with troubles far more grave than autism (Such as psychopathy)have learned to modify their behavior enough to be charming...
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    IRL: a discussion with my Gf

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    it's not in my nature to make others to feel on "emotional rollercoaster"

    Start by laying off the overthinking and constantly asking these weird questions, and instead going out into the sunlight and fresh air, and just being sociable. Not just with women, but with everyone you run into
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    The Importance of Money in Men's SMV

    A few folks on YouTube labeling themselves Red Pill has allowed the sort societal detritus who, in the not too distant past, wouldn't have gotten beyond ham radio and local access TV to FEEL as if they're elites amongst us mere plebs they've been cursed to share this planet with
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    50% of married woman have backup partners in mind

    Marriage is Post-Industrial nations such as ours is a status signifier That won't be changing anytime soon