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  1. Rainman4707

    the "Frame" in daily life

    Yeah, my plate can be very feisty, so working on that.
  2. Rainman4707

    the "Frame" in daily life

    It would'nt suprise me at all. I made a couple female pof accounts over the years. Successful men filling my inbox
  3. Rainman4707

    the "Frame" in daily life

    I do see your point about guys in high authority jobs might take that frame with women in their personal life. However, i have read a lot about how some super successful guys lose all their ruthlessness when involved with a woman in their personal lives. Their friends are in shock. Why is my...
  4. Rainman4707

    dealing with a girl with ocd?

    It would be quite challenging, if you were to be in a LTR with her. If just banging, don't worry about it. My friend is in a relationship with a HB8. She looks at him in disgust when he picks his nose. she has to have everything spotless clean. She cannot go anywhere without sanitiser wipes...
  5. Rainman4707

    Aging playboy needs some guidance

    Sounds like you have no purpose. I'm the same age as you, I have learnt that life is a tragedy, so i don't look to far up. I know who i am. Physical activity is important to me. I'm curious and enjoy reading. I enjoy travelling, learning about different parts of the world. I have just been...
  6. Rainman4707

    ‘Chelsea’ Asked for Nude Pictures. Then the Sextortion Began.

    Im not sad enough to worry about such small details
  7. Rainman4707

    ‘Chelsea’ Asked for Nude Pictures. Then the Sextortion Began.

    Simply dont put your face in the picture. I never have. Common sense.
  8. Rainman4707

    what's up with the feelings i have?

    Its a competition thing. Evolution. Men are your competition. There is a story of 10 men and two women being dropped off on an island thousands of years ago as an experiment into human nature. In the end there was only one man and one woman left. The other 9 men and one woman had being killed...
  9. Rainman4707

    Boring Sex with your GF / How to make it work?

    My woman is a nighmare, but she is soooo good in the bedroom
  10. Rainman4707

    A good question for the 40 and over crowd.

    Im 39. Yes i would LOVE to date an 18 year old. Is'nt that the dream.
  11. Rainman4707

    OLD vs. Non OLD Approaches

    A big NO. Thank the world for online dating. It was my main way to get laid and find women, Really enhanced my life. Yes i know people call it, but in my opinion it is a good way to meet people.
  12. Rainman4707

    Disappointing Day Of Cold Approach?

    Feel the fear and do it anyway. First approach is by far the hardest. Once the first one is out the feel like a lot more confident and it becomes a lot easier.
  13. Rainman4707

    Masculine Vs The Feminine

    Good post @soulforge dont know why @AmsterdamAssassin responded with a negative comment. I'd much rather see a post like this than some red pill whining.
  14. Rainman4707


    I would say - take the advice of the David deida in the way of the superior man - focus on your own masculinity. Women look to Men to lead. If we are not masculine, women cannot be feminine. To many men are to quick to point the finger at women. All you can do is concentrate on yourself...
  15. Rainman4707

    Any Jaguar Car Drivers?

    I paid 18 grand for a 16 plate BMW. It had'nt been serviced for a couple years, so my dad told me to ask Dealer to service it before i drove it away. Dealer cam back and told me that had found a 'problem' while doing service. Heard nothing for a week, so went in and asked for my money back.
  16. Rainman4707

    View on Popular Relationship Books

    David deidas book is very enlightning. Very good book on relationships. He teached me that women are like the ocean, I knew that they ACT on their FEELINGS. Deida teaches that they are like the ocean, where as men are straight forward. Here is one nugget of wisdom from him:- WOMEN ARE NOT...
  17. Rainman4707

    I’m in deep

    Wow, 5.5 hour convo must be a record on here. A half an hour convo with my girl has me pulling my hair out.