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  1. J

    How to get the girl to ask you out?

    lol a lot people didn't even read tc's post
  2. J

    What would you advise for my situation?

    I live in a ***** town too lol.
  3. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    Now that's a long story, I kind of did
  4. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    Like a month of misery and torture. She's still in my head and I often think about her, but texting her the other day made it so much better, and I've been okay since.
  5. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    I don't like talking about it. I'm starting to get over it kind of.
  6. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    The girl I caught oneitis for. Beforehand, I thought I was too good for her and things were going swell. Eventually, I started caving in and thinking well this girl looks like a potential gf for me. **** hit the fan after that.
  7. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    Destroy that mindset now. Once I started getting that mindset, things went to straight up ****.
  8. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    man you do have oneitis
  9. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    at least you didn't wimp out like me. She was practically asking for it and I wimped out.
  10. J

    Going after Oneitis girl?

    I know how you feel man. I'm trying to fight the temptation of texting or asking her out, but I'm fighting it. At least she doesn't tease you and like go on facebook and comment on your pics and crap.
  11. J

    Cute guy with zero game. Thats all that matters.

    looks matter like 75% of the time and luck matters the rest.
  12. J

    Asked a girl on second date and look at this response

    Are yall kidding me the girl already had another date. If she would have dropped the date then that would have worried me because she's a major flake.
  13. J

    List your height, weight, and body status(fat, skinny, muscular)

    6ft 1 185 muscular
  14. J

    A black guy who isn't a stereotype has it worse compared to all races.

    Yall b*tch more than I do. I just go b*tch about the same thing. Yall either b*tch about other people b*tching, girls, or some other stupid crap.
  15. J

    Does childhood have something to do with success with women

    I agree, my parents were less strict on me, but I was paranoid to even mention a female name in my household. Also, hanging around with nerds affected me too.
  16. J

    Does childhood have something to do with success with women

    Im foreveralone and really havent been a socialable person since last semester of college. I still find it awkward sometimes talking to people and girls especially. I grew up pretty much sheltered and didn't go out much to be sociable with other people. My parents divorced and I lived with my...
  17. J

    Chick was giving me IOIs but she has some ugly fat bf

    Well I'm going to go for the kill. Don't really want a relationship right now, so ha
  18. J

    Chick was giving me IOIs but she has some ugly fat bf

    So I go to a party last night and I don't really know anybody there. Everybody is outside talking while I'm in the kitchen with the people I came with making a drink. Well, these girls come in, lets call them hb6 and hb7 and they're giving me obvious IOIs. I use kino and such and everybody...
  19. J

    has she already chosen? do i have a chance?

    Make a move, the first girl I went after had a guy friend and I thought they were going out, but I later found out they were friends. Kept me from making a move.