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    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    1) I am not your pal, buddy 2) I am not arguing, this is a debate 3) ok so I will give you my number, I want you to text me your favorite band, what you are doing for the weekend, what you had for lunch, to a complete stranger.
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    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    so you set up the date (let's meet wednesday at 7 pm) and then you ask her questions about her? makes no sense. so what if these texts make you believe that you are not compatible? then you cancel the date?
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    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    the difference is texting is not required, but spending 1-3 hours of your free time/money on a stranger is. you said it yourself, you can't expect a stranger to come into your apartment. if you send her a stupid text "how are you today?" "how was your day?" "are you excited about our date next...
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    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    I never said it's needy. where does it say it's needy? had a friend who met this girl online. the first date just so happened to be the girl's birthday. my friend went and bought her a $120 gift on the first date for a girl that he doesn't know. that's how I feel about texting a girl you don't...
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    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    sorry but no. why would you send someone a link to a band that you enjoy when you don't know anything about her? this is not your gf, this is some random girl.
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    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    many replies here engage in confirmation bias. they think there was something wrong with what you did because she flaked. if the girl had not flaked, everybody here would be saying "good job bro, by ignoring her you didn't appear needy" a guy texting a girl every day is either gay or needs to...
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    how to protect cash against inflation?

    I don't like the spy right now, if the stock market crashes, so will spy. with money market, my money would still be cash. I don't want cash since the dollar is about to collapse.
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    how to protect cash against inflation?

    "this has nothing with this forum, why are you asking this here?" this has everything to do with this forum. all the time we are discussing self-improvident, going to the gym, and getting your finances in order. there is a belief out there that the US dollar is about to collapse. all my money...
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    Do women love Camaros?

    if the car doesn't cost $100k or more, it aint impressing anybody. why would you want the type of girl that is attracted to expensive cars anyway? those girls are shallow and stupid.
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    How to handle if someone says you look like someone they knew/know?

    one time this guy told me "you look familiar" and I said "thank you"
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    quit porn, but is this cheating?

    i dont know what you mean. ever since i stopped watching porn i am less anxious and don't take things so personally anymore. like today a girl was rude to me, I forgot about it after 5 seconds, whereas before I would dwell on it.
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    Why women date phoneys, con men, etc. (rant)

    I dont agree or disagree, but bottom line is who cares? just be yourself. you want a woman who wants the real you not the fake you. if a woman wants a douchebag then she needs to keep looking because that's not me.
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    quit porn, but is this cheating?

    i quit porn, not sure when but feels like a week, maybe 2? i feel great, highly recommend it. can i watch girls in bikinis or in yoga pants with camel toe or that's still porn?
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    Conflict avoidance/avoiding confrontation

    this is a great question and I also struggle with confrontation avoidance. I want to live a comfortable life and I don't want no problems. I believe this is the cause of approach anxiety because when you approach random people you are bound to run into problems and that's exactly what you are...
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    Walked out on my date, did I over react or stood up for myself…

    good job on walking away. girl had no respect for you. however, took you too long to realize this.
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    What to chat people up with?

    sounds like you are trying to be something you are not. if you don't like to chat with people about stupid pointless things then don't do it.
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    girl looking for green card

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    girl looking for green card

    my friend is in a situation that is not making sense to me. he lives in usa and he is looking to get married. due to money problems, no girl in the usa wants him. he can afford to pay the rent and buy food, but that's it. so he got an online dating profile and after a long time he matched with...
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    Women really likes it when you’re appproach is spontaneous, unforced and authentic.

    correct. if you are thinking while talking to a girl, then you are doing it wrong.
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    seriously, is there anyone left who is not inconsiderate?

    you have an appointment with a plumber. but you already fixed your toilet and dont need a plumber anymore. you know he will be driving to your house, wasting his time and gas. but you dont let him know dont bother coming. you just stop answering his calls. you are telling me this doesn't make...