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    2nd bachelorsin biology for phd in behavioral neuroscience?

    I graduated in May w/ a degree in psychology. I had a bad gpa of 2.2ish. I didnt really care about school and was more concerned about hanging out. I want to go to grad school for behavioral neuroscience. Im considering going back to school for biology and getting a good gpa, 3.5 plus, and...
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    Micheal Vick vs Dante Stallworth

    America is twisted. How can someone who killed a PERSON with his car while driving drunk and high go to jail for 30 days and get suspended for possibly 8 games. Yet, Vick makes a mistake, goes to jail for a year and a half, loses ALL his sponsorships, most likely wont get back to the NFL this...
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    I graduated from college sat...

    and i need job. Its a rough life not having any money. Ive applied for a lot of jobs but havent gotten many responses. I my resume is pretty good, but i dont know what the deal is. I have a degree in psychology so have a wide range of options, but i dont know where to look to find something...
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    I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday

    ...and im STARVING. Anytime i see or smell food i get really hungry, but i cant eat ANYTHING good. So far ive had yogurt, mashed potatoes and ice cream. My face is swollen and it feels weird to swallow food and pretty much do anything. Thankfully i cant sleep so im wide awake at 8:50. I think...
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    Anyone heard of Amway?

    Anyone heard of them? I just got back from a "seminar" they held with some guy who approached me in a bookstore about it. I was INCREDIBLY skeptical from the begining and now that i figured out what the company is (I wasnt told specifically what they did before, which made me more sketched out)...
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    Cabo vs Cancun

    My girlfriend and I are going to Mexico for spring break in March. We're thinking either Cancun or Cabo. I havent been to either so if anyone has been to both you should compare the two for me.
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    Sales Jobs (B2B)...Lets play with my future

    So im graduating in may and ive been looking at jobs and ive been leaning toward b2b sales. Once again, i want to know if anyone has done it and the details of the day to day life.
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    Want to feel better and be more positive?

    Find some positive pictures, people smiling, puppies, babies, whatever, and make a photo album. Look at it every morning before you start your day. People who are view positive images tend to see the world in a positive manner than those who view neutral or negative images. Voila, you become a...
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    Tell me whats wrong with this picture... Go ahead....ill wait...
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    Anyone an Insurance Agent?

    Anybody here sell insurance? Im pretty sold on selling insurance after i graduate in may. It seems like a good way to help people yet make some decent to damn good money. Anyway, i just wanna know what its like on a daily basis and all that good stuff.
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    Anyone a Financial Advisor?

    Anyone? Im thinking about giving it a shot after i graduate in may. I know it has the potential to be lucrative, but im just concerned about getting clients and starting from the bottom and building your business up. If anyone has any info id appreciate it.
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    Prenatal Vitamins...

    Are there any reason use prenatal vitamins if theyre not pregnant? Please tell me there are...please.
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    Im going to Argentina

    Anyone ever been? Im going to study some spanish for about 3 weeks. This one girl told me that the girls would be crazy about me (ima 6'4 black dude). I know the girls are sexy as hell, but anyone with any experience in Argentina should let me know whats up.
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    Need some included i need some feedback as to what i need to work on more. Im 6'4, about 192-194. I just started squatting consistently, in addition to doing deadlifts and good mornings...which im hoping will add some mass to my skinny ass arms. Ideally id like to be around 225 or 230. My shoulders have...
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    Ever have someone try to "help?"...

    My friends and i were out at the bar thurs night when i met this chick. I told her she should come chill with us later and go to some party. Her and her fat ugly friend came by just as we were leaving to one guys house. There were about 5 of us and i was macking this girl, everything was money...
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    Roommate who moved out

    There were 3 of us living in a house and one kid decided to lie to us about his dad needing his couch in order to show a house. The next day i saw he was moving his stuff out. Theres no clause in the lease that releases him from the lease. He believes that because he doesnt live there he doesnt...
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    I suck at talking...

    I usually struggle coming up with things to talk about. Ive tried almost everything i could to become better at conversations but i still struggle. Im hesitant and anxious to approach because i fear the the conversation will stall and become all awkward and all that jazz. Ive tried to search for...
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    Weird dreams

    Whenever i sleep and happen to be laying on my back i have a freaky ass dream and i wake up disoriented and hallucinating. I find it a bit disturbing that i have nightmares only when im laying on my back. Ive tried to figure out why, but i cant find anything.
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    Tattoo...half sleeve

    I wanna get a tat thats a half sleeve. Im still trying to figure out what its going to entail, but im almost there. I would go ask an artist how much it might cost, but i figured i would see if anyone here has one or could give me an estimate. Thats a lot of f*ckin ink so im guessin its gonna be...
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    Renting a house...

    So some friends and i are renting a house for school this year and yesterday we started to move in some stuff. To keep it short, the place was a MESS!! Dirty carpets and walls, cob webs, food in the cabinets, leftover stuff in the garage such as a container with cig butts, a cooler with god...