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    Sleeping with self-confidence audio tapes playing in a loop - does it do anything?

    knowledge and taking action are the only thing that will build your self confidence. learn to game (pua sites, books, whatever..) apply it (go out and try to pick up girls) adjust as needed = massive self confidence. your brain is too smart to fall for some dumb tapes telling you to be...
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    GF admitted to me she had sex with her ex while we were dating (but not exclusive)

    if it bothers you, which it obviously does, then dump her ass at once. the only thing that matters here is you. do you have the balls to get rid of a chick that you think is not up to par? are you hanging around because you are afraid you cant find anyone else? I don't care if its normal...
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    Break off Engagement - Exit Strategy??

    just tell the b!tch to go fly a kite. you're done with the relationship and that's that, end of story. girls do it all the time, every day, no need to care that much. you're not doing her any favors by peeling off the band aid slowly. just rip it off, she'll take the pain, she'll find someone...
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    Contacted After 18 months

    you're obviously stuck on this girl. feelings of inferiority and lower self esteem will do that to a guy. you have to build yourself up to where girls become mainly just amusing, and not turn you into a chump.
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    Contacted After 18 months

    lol, dude, you are a stranger to her now. it would be like ME calling her and saying hi! bottom line, you are nothing to her, nobody, zippo, notta. so calling her is creapy as fvck at this point. end of story.
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    Look what being an AFC can do to a person

    Girl convinces guy to kill her husband. Presumably he goes along with it over some damn pvssy!! what is wrong with you people! Check out these texts. This guy is sitting in jail right now probably saying to...
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    how to deal with those pesky Ex's

    well there u have it. 4 months is really nothing, especially with a young girl. you have no choice but to continue gaming more girls and get an attitude of abundance not scarcity.
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    how to deal with those pesky Ex's

    how long have u been dating this girl
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    I don´t like her having contact with orbiters

    she is 22. get used to it. calm down and stop being so insecure. if she fvcks her orbiter then so be it. you did not catch her heart. try again with someone else. and like beginingDJ said, game other girls. you are not married yet.
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    how to deal with those pesky Ex's

    why are you catching feelings over some girl you're dating that happens to have an afc ex who she still comunicates with? you said "we are not official" but you're acting like it. this is simply a laughable nuisance. but you're analyzing it like something has to be done, nothing has to be done...
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    how to deal with those pesky Ex's

    well, its just one of those things. breaking up a relationship is a process for a lot of couples so if you're seeing her early in this process, this is the unfortunate consequence. its a bad timing thing. nothing you can really do but laugh. maybe ask her to switch her phone to silent at...
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    how many of you has proof of game mattering?

    game is anything other than doing nothing. its that simple. game requires action on your part, whether its a really elaborate scheme or just saying hi. so yes, it works, because doing nothing doesnt work well. and doing something works every now and then.
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    If you get mad at a chic for testing you do you fail?

    yes and no. if you are mad because you feel fear or loss, inadequacy, or jealousy. then thats a fail. if you are mad because she is annoying you, then thats not a fail. she'll know the difference because the way you express your anger.
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    found texts

    yeah, not surprising. i've never had a girl "friend" that did not see my d!ck at some point. except my friends wife, id consider her a good friend so i guess there are exceptions.
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    found texts

    no need. your relationship is already over. based on the previous thread you had, the picture is clear. its over, go find another girl. but you wont listen to me. :cool:
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    found texts

    well, this is the women you have. it is what it is. if you want a more classy or convservative type of girl then you'll have to look elswhere, if you dont mind your girl being kind of raw and sexually liberal with her jokes or banter or friendly chit chat, then continue on and enjoy. i woudnt...
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    Taking things too personally, good or bad?

    always bad. you are not sure of yourself. you are not leading, you're being led.
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    Dealing with age question

    i dont care how old you are, anything you do or say that expresses confindence and sureness in yourself will be met with positivity from the girl. if you're like, umm well, umm like.. uhhh im 30. bam! you're toast. anytime girls sh1t test me about my age I always tell them in a stern voice...
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    other guy, she's not interested in you, or both. money spent is meaningless. up your game, get more girls.