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    Bumble News Thread

    So this basically makes Bumble just like all the other OLD apps. Great business plan.
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    article: Older adults are having sex, and they’re getting STIs, too

    With the rates of marriage and monogamous relationships continuing to decrease along with hook up culture, the rates of STIs is only going to continue to surge.
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    What factors contribute to men becoming overly emotional in a negative manner?

    Crush your enemies, See them driven before you, and Hear the lamentation of their women. Amateur hour around here on a Friday. :cool:
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    What factors contribute to men becoming overly emotional in a negative manner?

    Lack of education about emotional reactivity, what it is and how to combat it. It's not a skill set that is taught in education in any way. Most people have not spent any amount of time engaging in mindfulness practices to observe and understand their own thoughts, emotions and triggers. Social...
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    Went through her phone.... - not good

    Why did you go through the phone of a woman who is "just a plate"? A lot of this seems self-inflicted by the OP.
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    The one film that exemplifies what we do on here?

    Mad Max Thunderdome
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    GF wants me to sign a lease agreement before I move in

    Don't do it for precisely the same reason you never lease/buy a vehicle with a GF.
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    She just told me: I just feel weird lately

    Major red flag that things are starting to circle the drain. As said above, the doom loop in her head will eventually make the blame yours.
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    How many eggs daily can be eaten safely in the long term?

    I've eaten 4-6 eggs/day for awhile. No issues.
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    The State of Sosuave

    This thread reads like a bunch of women.
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    The State of Sosuave

    Please tell me this was meant sarcastically.
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    ADHD traits evolved as an evolutionary survival advantage in foraging researchers speculate

    This has been postulated for years on the whole Hunter/Gatherer dynamic and what ADHD traits evolved for. One of those initial classic ADHD books (title escapes me presently) discussed this in detail. Scattered Minds by Dr. Gabor Mate does a really nice job of talking about ADHD traits, how...
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    A good question for the 40 and over crowd.

    Age being used as a cutoff is a self-limiting belief. Does she pass the boner test? Does she have obvious red flags that you should disqualify her over?
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    Getting Rejected On First Date Kiss Closes = Move On?

    ^This. Context is everything. If you've made no effort at kino during the actual date then you are much more likely to be rejected with the kiss close. Concluding that the women is not worth more of your time is sound logic at that point but it might say far more about you screwing the first...
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    Forum I need your help again

    This board needs more drama. Definitely have an LTR with this girl. Definitely....o_O
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    My Wife Offered Me A Hall Pass w/ No Strings Attached...

    You might look at this from a metacognitive standpoint. Why are you thinking these thoughts? What is the underlying issue for you? There is something under the sex issue. Until you sack up and have the honest journey with yourself, this will be one of a string of issues to add to your...
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    My Wife Offered Me A Hall Pass w/ No Strings Attached...

    +1 to everything BE just said. I'm trying to remove morality from my opinion but damn. Open marriages destroy themselves every.single.time for numerous reasons. Right now it's a fantasy. You are getting more and more wrapped up in the dream as you sell yourself on it. Asking the same questions...
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    Should I not become a rabbi because I love casual sex?

    Coming to SS to get on advice on becoming a rabbi or not. We are a full service community.
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    How to fvck a virgin with her consent?

    You'll guide her through therapy because you're taking a psychology class? This has train wreck written all over it and seems like bad karma if you go down this route. Be careful what you wish for.