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    She stopped texting

    She's not responding because texting kills attraction. Women don't text you to gain a digital pen pal, they text you so you'll know they're interested enough for you to ask them out. Stop trying to have text conversations and use it only to ask women out, and you'll have less problems in general...
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    Dating App SOS - Help needed

    Hi there! I've had much success in the online dating realm (for both short-term hookups and longer-term relationships), so I may be able to help. As a general note: you list your height as 5'7; in today's dating market, that's probably going to cause a lot of women to swipe left. No, it's not...
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    Do you think Bridgette Fonda has hit The Wall?

    Y'know what's really sad? Most of these stories about how much her looks have fallen off... are being written by women! This one was written by a woman named Dana. I point this out because the narrative is that men are only about looks, yet the majority of stories I see in the press as of late...
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    Should I ghost my girlfriend?

    So, here's the deal: after 2 years of dating, many women feel as though they have their man in the palm of their hand. Especially if, prior to the weeks of disagreement, things were going a bit too smoothly. Women sometimes get the false impression that they hold all the cards, and that the man...
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    Should I skip a date?

    Ooh, I love this question! So many things to comment on: 1. You said in the OP that she complained about a previous guy who would text and call all the time. I would have brought that up when she was complaining - "Uhhh, weren't you the one who said the last guy you dated was on the phone with...
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    "My girl 'friend' won't meet my new girlfriend - should I still hang out with her?"

    Now THIS was quite an interesting question I read on another forum: a 27-year old man has a 25-year old female friend of 7 years that he wants to introduce to his brand new girlfriend... and the friend isn't interested in doing so. He wanted to know: (a) why his friend wouldn't want to meet...
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    "She's texting back less - should I cancel the date??"

    ALL OF THIS. Most men don't know that the first day a woman is online is the best day to message her before the onslaught comes. Make the match, send a few back and forth just so she knows you're not a weirdo, then ask for the date. Boom. I've literally done it within 1 to 2 messages before -...
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    I Can't Take Corey Wayne Seriously

    He gets the "read his book 10 to 15 times" mantra from the late Doc Love, who used to tell men to read his "System" book 10 to 15 times to have it fully embedded in their brains. Eh, he's not wrong. As for the response: in my past there have been several times where I was hooking up with a...
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    "She's texting back less - should I cancel the date??"

    It's a scenario that I've seen happen time and time again: man meets woman, man and woman exchange messages, man asks woman on date, woman says "yes" to date, man continues to text woman non-stop, woman starts to give shorter answers to man and/or waits longer to message man back... and now, man...
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    Should I skip a date?

    I'd say about 85% of what you're doing is pretty solid and on-point. A few critiques: 1. Agreeing to exclusivity after only 3 dates?? Eh, no bueno - ideally this would be happening at the 2-3 month mark. Regardless of how into you she is, dating without a title in those first couple of months...
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    VIDEO: Here's 5 WAYS to Get Women Back to Your Place

    Getting a woman back to your place - either after a date or as a date suggestion - can seem daunting. But fear not! I've had plenty of experience doing this, and with the right moves it can actually be quite easy to do. In this video, I give you 5 ways that have worked for me in getting a woman...
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    VIDEO: Do All Women See Dating Advice for Men, by Men, as TOXIC?

    I had an interesting experience on another forum the other day. This guy posted up a simple dating question about a woman he'd taken out on 5 dates. He was ready to make it official with her, and her response was that it was too soon. The guy wanted to know why that was, so I responded in a nice...
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    Got a situation I want to run by some of you more experienced guys

    So, this is the part where you have to learn to ignore the things a woman is SAYING, and look at her actions. If her words are saying "you're younger and I don't deserve you," and her actions are that she's f'ing your brains out, THAT's what you look at. Women will often have a variety of...
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    Got a situation I want to run by some of you more experienced guys

    My 2 cents: short version - you're worrying over nothing. Longer version: it's admirable that you're looking into the faaaaaar off future with this woman... but it's only been 2 months. SLOW DOWN. Until she starts coming to you and asking you the "so what are we?" question, all you have to do...
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    How do you date when you absolutely ****ing hate yourself?

    Thought this warranted making a video response (no advertising of any kind in the video per SoSuave rules):
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    Alpha Male strategies Doesn't know what his talking about

    Funny enough, I've been hearing men say the whole "nowadays if you wait 4-5 days you will be replaced by another guy" thing since I started dating at 15 (and I'm 39 now). Yet in my experience it's never been true for women who are highly interested in you. For me, I already know when I take a...
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    6 Hour Rule?

    3 dates can equate to about 6 hours if each of those dates is 2 hours long. I tend to err on the side of making the first date 90 minutes, then the second date 2 to 3 hours. Usually by date 3 the woman has spent just enough time with you to feel comfortable, and may be cool with a hook-up...
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    Alpha Male strategies Doesn't know what his talking about

    Herein lies the problem: many men think women decide on men the way we decide on women. I.E.: If a man takes a woman out on a first date and has a good time, he's already made up in his mind that he likes her. Therefore, he assumes if she has a good time, she must also have made up her mind...
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    What is your approach when the girl tells you this

    I have yet to experience this. However, if I did, I'd just say "well, thanks for letting me know - if it doesn't work out, hit me up, but I'm out for now." I'm not staying around to be a side piece, lol
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    Men's protective instinct

    "My question is this, why would we seek out relationships where both parties have to fight against their own natures? For me, that is succumbing to the flawed, backwards, modern world." Here's the thing: it's not BAD to have this feeling of wanting to protect a woman. However, you can't go out...