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    Losing Wife

    it's "amicable" until she can get something from you.... You get a better job? she's going to want a cut..... trust me
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    Text Help

    Why would you want a broken car that doesn't run half the time? Let someone else think he landed a prize and date/marry her.
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    When a Woman Turns 27

    Since I'm almost 58 with all but 12 of those years being single. I've seen and dealt with most of the issues discussed on this board. Des may not have the exact age, but he is probably close. I've experienced many of the things "denigrating" to women... that their apologists defend here. The...
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    How do you guys effectively manage your life & accomplish goals?

    A professor brought a big jar into class, filled it with golf balls and asked the class if it was full. They agreed it was, so he got out a bunch of pebbles, poured them in and shook the jar until they settled in the gaps of the golf balls. Again, he asked if it was full. They again agreed. He...
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    why are older women chasing me?

    yes, she's the college roommate of my friend.
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    why are older women chasing me?

    married one, the only issue is it's like she has cancer and my d1ck is the cure..... I'm old, I don't want as much as she does. The period is a relief, I get 4 days off....
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    Career/work issues

    You THINK you are living cheap and saving money now. Drop on over to Mr, money mustache blog and see what crazy saving is. You may think he's batsh1t crazy, but he also retired at 35 and just does some small construction projects if/when he feels like it. A level of freedom I wish I had....
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    why are older women chasing me?

    Yes, things are that fvcked up. I look young for my age and women who looked like my 80 year old mother were hitting on me thinking they "deserved" me. Too much "you go girl" and not enough "look in the d@mn mirror" to see if he's going to be interested.
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    Are we too bitter or are we just realistic?

    Scara, They were improving them by then. The 70's were a bit of a wake up call for them....
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    Are we too bitter or are we just realistic?

    I got mine, but I had to import her... Women today are just like the big 3 automakers in the 70's. WHY would you want an import? Our cars are great.... except they weren't. Now I'd say about half the cars on the road are imports and the big 3 had to improve the quality of their product to keep...
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    Women approaching me at the casino?

    In Vegas, it's hard to tell the difference by the way they act.
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    POF Chick with No Kids but with legit issues!

    what is so complicated about your relationship with your girlfriend? Either she's meeting your criteria and is worth keeping. Or she doesn't and isn't. Only 2 choices. Fear of losing easy sex doesn't complicate anything. IF you think you can do better? Do it
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    I Need advice on BPD/NPD ex and hoovering

    you don't want to forget anything, so she can't contact you again....with some lame "you forgot xxxx"
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    Woman's prerogative?!

    Women who fall in love that fast, can fall out of it just as fast. She may not be totally stable..... brush up your resume just in case she poisons your job for you
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    I Need advice on BPD/NPD ex and hoovering

    ask her for a LIST of what she thinks she wants/left there. then tell her the day and time it will be outside your house. Don't be home that time of the day
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    POF Chick with No Kids but with legit issues!

    Many things in life ARE simple, we just complicate them trying to twist things so we can justify the unjustifiable.
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    A Tale of Three Women

    yeah, once had a 40 year old with no marriage, no kids tell me I was "too old" to father her child.... she's still single, selling 47 year old eggs.....
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    How do you guys effectively manage your life & accomplish goals?

    What no one tells you is "you can have it all.... just not all at once". Everyone leaves off the second part. List the important things you want to do tomorrow, get them done and fit the rest in as time allows. You've heard the story about the professor and the glass jar he fills with golf balls...
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    How can you love what you don't respect

    I think you'll need to dump her. Maybe tell her why..... she may grow a brain for the next guy. But I wouldn't wait around for it to happen with you
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    One Year At The Top

    well, you answered your own question. I'm 57, sex is way down on my list. I'd skip it gladly for a night unless it's been a couple weeks.....but you have to live with the rest of her all day. As long as the rest is good, it may be worth keeping her around.