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    Dont forget why your doing this.

    You may want to consider that the idea of pushing in order to get somewhere and become something, is an idea that has infiltrated your mind from the consumerist capitalist culture that produced you. Sure, step into discomfort. Go beyond yourself. But don't underestimate the power of rest and...
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    Is there anything fun about attracting woman?

    Do consider that your goal is to be in a happy relationship. You're taking advice on how to get there from men that are not and have not necessarily been in happy relationships. You're taking advice from men who think women are lesser creatures and that they somehow are still undeserving of...
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    Took magic mushrooms last night, what an experience

    I've posted two trip reports in my journal the past year: psychedelicize your life, I say.
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    The State of Sosuave

    I'd love to see one single sensible male non-misogynistic person on this forum. I don't think this place has changed. It's the blind leading the blind. Everyone here is playing a losing game. I remember coming here at 13 and swallowing everything. Then I remember being 16 and the main forum...
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    Getting Rejected On First Date Kiss Closes = Move On?

    Your rules keep you in your head. The world is no fun in your head, even when you get what you want. Get out of your head.
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    Mixed Signals on a First Date: A Delicate Balance of Interest and Pace

    Sounds wonderful. Good on you! Bottom line, when it comes to boundaries, these are matters that you can feel in the moment. If you look underneath your desire energy and your needs, you can sense subtler sensations and thoughts and feelings letting you know the flow and balance of things. It is...
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    Does Being in a Relationship hold you back?

    It brings us back full circle, What do you want from your wealth? What do you want from your relationship? Commit yourself fully to both. Feel deeply in the moment whether this activity is something you don't want to do, and then do both of you the favour of not doing that thing, because it...
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    Does Being in a Relationship hold you back?

    well that's one way to not get what you want from your thread.
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    Does Being in a Relationship hold you back?

    But you're making no sense? What is it about this girl that inspires love in you?? You can only seem to tell us what you hate about her. She is lazy and watches tv all day and is needy etc. And you do things you don't like instead of having your own boundaries. Why are you with her? To me it...
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    Does Being in a Relationship hold you back?

    I feel like this question can be answered by asking yourself two questions: 1. What is the purpose of your wealth creation? Take this a few levels deep. What feelings and experiences and objects is it that you desire from your wealth? 2. What is the purpose of your relationship? Is it...
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    View on Popular Relationship Books

    Your Red pill perspective is seriously fcked, so consider dropping it. You mention some wonderful people, like Byron Katie, Sue Johnson, Alain, and Gottman. I'd look their way. I'd also seriously consider a deep dive into the topic of love, if this is something that interests you. I have many...
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    Are you ever intrigued by the power of long eye contact?

    Have you tried intentional eye gazing for extended periods of time?
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    New Fling: How do I keep sexual tension and good sex / non friend zone.

    Do you know how to use your fingers and your mouth? How to take your time and genuinely play? Do you spend physical time on her, outside of her ****oris and vagina? There's so much room for eroticism that a 21 year old girl often has no clue she is missing out on. Discover this. Infinite...
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    Ugh Im 43, shes a 21 year old party girl. We're so incompatible but I want to win this.

    Hey! We're the same, you and I! How sweet! As a man that is accepting and getting accustomed to his feminine side, I'd highly recommend not taking advice from these corners of the internet. You'll just start hating yourself and women as well and die lonely. I identify with the autistic aspect...
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    overthinking about starting a relationship

    You know you can date, right? Monogamy is like a trance over most people. You assume that's your only option. You have your own boundaries. You get to date people. If you end up in a relationship, that will be because you yourself also chose to do so. There's a whole world in the middle here...
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    I don't know how to flirting

    What if you try to shift your focus? I don't think you're gonna have the insight you're looking for from where you're standing. Try to look for connection instead of trying to flirt. Flirting can emanate out of being comfortable. To find comfort, turn the mirror outwards, away from yourself. Be...
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    how to talk to shy girls?

    If you stop trying to make anyone do anything, you may find that your problems start to fix themselves.
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    Are we (Red Pill) the bad guys?

    That's the kicker though; you don't know. From where I'm standing, it seems as if you can't see beyond your hand. You're surrounded by darkness and you can't even taste the air.
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    What music do you guys listen to, to make you look cool?

    Fred Again is cool :cool:
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    Where/What Type Of Places Should I Look To Find Slutty, Horny Girls That Appear Innocent, Don’t Get Approached A Lot, Yet Having Raging Sex Drives?

    These places exist, but they are designed to keep you out. You could also just find yourself in a loving relationship. Qualifies all your points.