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    Regarding The_Mole's post

    The_Mole just wanted attention and we are falling right into his trap. I come from a single family home. The stereotypical black male, but I'm in college, committed relationship, car, friends, family. two good jobs Living the "white the life:" I am not bitter at the white people I see, who...
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    Success rate: knowing them vs aproach

    What's your point???
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    New member is needing some a brotha out!

    Call her up and say that you are coming and is it alright to bring a friend. SynTheUnscathed said, What if she thinks I am not that interested? -Good SynTheUnscathed said, So what exactly will that do..have her yearning for more me? - Ding Ding SynTheUnscathed said, How soon...
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    Just To Pizz Of The Moderators Or Haters Should I Say!

    Get the **** out of here with that. Your post are on some b/s
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    people with steady girlfriends - how often do you see your woman?

    This summer I seen my gf just about every day. I know when something is going to last and when i really care for a girl and this is it. I know in my heart that this is the one and there is no reason for me to go looking for love in all the wrong places. There has been points in my life...
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    Ignore the ex

    Listen to BADA-BING if speaks the truth.
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    2 Playa Tips from the colla poppa

    Dear collapoppa, I think that you have a good idea, but your technique is wrong. BTW collapoppa you post tips in
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    Girl working at Blockbuster...but there's no time and privacy

    It's simple, next time your in line. Say this You- Ask her little open ended questions like. Do you like it here? How old are you? Once you get a little convo going say. Hey (her name) I would like to get to know you better, let me get your number She knows you can't have convo because...
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    27 and nothing

    Mature man's forum
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    Real DJ 101

    I have been doing some research on cold approaches and women in general for the last four or five months. The way to become a real “DJ” or “Don Juan” is to stay true to you. Don’t try to become something your not IT WON’T WORK. Be true to yourself and who YOU really are. I hate doing cold...
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    What are you listening to?

    Usher- Confessions Michael Buble Prince
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    Is My Recent Ex- Girlfriend Worth Fighting For?

    JW I think you should NEXT! DUDE, JUST GO DATE AROUND. But for real I was just in your shoes two months ago. I met this girl she was everything I was looking for and more. When we first met I was my normal charming and witty self. I charmed her pants off but then I started to like her...
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    The bible should include more real life post.

    I never dis the DJ bible or anything like that but there are a few things that should be added. I remember a few months back I read a post by Jester talking about STD's. I thought this is a post that needs to be added to the bible. Somethings I have learned over the past couple of years...
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    someone help me!!

    It's simple she moved on and so should you. I know it's easier said than done. If I were you I would start working on myself. Workout, read just keep yourself busy. Also meet as many women as you can. The more women you hookup the more you forget about her.
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    good kiss close?

    Good Job
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    Couple of quick questions

    what is the mindest behind a girl just wants sex but no relationship. I know a girl who does not want a relationship but just one night stands. It could be alot things man! It's hard to figure out women they are crazy. It could be a few reasons. 1. She was in a bad relationship...
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    "Due to a lack of Communication"

    It might be the truth on the other hand it could be a lie. Think about this what if you were a girl meeting a guy. Your 5'5 125 lbs. meeting someone 6'1 190 by yourself. You could be meeting a killer. I am really not for the online dating I think it's bullsh!t.
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    good kiss close?

    I think it took balls for what you did. I give you props for doing that. I normally make sure the girl is feeling me back before or I make sure the kiss is mutal. I think the girl had you in the firendzone. I think she didn't want to hurt your feelings that's why she didn't back away...
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    tonight lesson

    iI swear i'll try to keep that personality because it's the answer for my prayers and sorry for my grammar. Go ahead and keep that kind of personailty......if you want to go to jail. Then you will have some guy name bubba throw on the cot and you'll be getting raped too ;). Are...