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    What does this hint mean?

    The HB9 was clearly sending IOI's because she used a disqualifier when she told you she was seeing someone. She then used a false time constraint with her late plane from Arkansas, and this in turn increased her value in your eyes. She purposely kept your notes to generate interest and be...
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    GF trouble...

    Didn't anybody else read the part where he said it was her birthday? Dude, it's her birthday. Cut her some slack this time of the year. You still have so much time ahead for your cruise.
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    GF goes rave party without me, gets high on drugs.

    The thing is, my friends and my gf asked me, and I said sure, why not. I just didn't expect her to do "drugs" (note the quotations because a poster also said they're just anti-depressant/sleeping aid, but still addictive in the long run). I see myself as a pretty open guy, but this time I lost...
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    GF goes rave party without me, gets high on drugs.

    Short things are easier to read, so: I'm at a loss with my gf of 11 months. She recently went up for a rave party with my friends without me and got high (nothing huge, just 5-htp or something). I told her I can't take her getting high at parties (I used to do some, but have since quit, and...
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    Doesn't The NLP Anchor Lose Effectiveness Over Time?

    Anchoring certain gestures to positive emotion is done by doing a certain gesture whenever you feel an emotion you'd like to feel. I do admit it kinda works, but we usually need our 'boost' when we're feeling down, no? So when we keep summoning our best emotions when we're feeling down...
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    Taking value/Giving value

    I get what you mean. It's very 'real world-ish'. Not just theory. What would be interesting is ways to increase your own value, so others would want to 'take some off you'.
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    Level Up

    My friend and I are half drunk, discussing life. It was about then we noticed a real sizzling hot babe. Every male turned their heads and even those with girlfriends managed to sneak a glance of lust. "Look at her," I say. "What would you do if you had a girlfriend like that?" "Beats...
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    Knowing When To Let Go...A Reality Check

    Hey Wyld. It's been a while. Glad to see you still post. Knowing when to jump ship is definetely a good trait to have. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Tragic Reality - Most PUA's are not AlphaMale's

    Wait a minute.. those pretty boys are f*cking the hottest babes! I thought only Alpha Males get that! So if I want to be an Alpha Male, I should learn how to fight, bash someone's head in, get sent to jail for that, and get raped inside? Right.
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    I Want To Be Noticed

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I came back to the dating scene. I had an LTR for 2 years and not too long after that, an LTR of 3 years. So just after breaking up.. I feel kinda lost for a bit. Heck I even forgot how to show interest in a girl after not doing it for a while. I met a...
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    Will My Muay Thai Training Bulk Me Up?

    Thanks for the replies. To clear things up, I don't ever wanna be as huge as them. Just ripped. Looking at them that huge just scares me. Guess I gotta stay off the heavy weights.
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    Will My Muay Thai Training Bulk Me Up?

    Hi guys. I've been practicing Muay Thai for a few months now, and absolutely love it. The problem is, I've been noticing some huge guys in my studio that has been practicing for years. I mean.. they're huge! Their thighs are big, their arms are big, and they're just bulky in general. I've...
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    Career Change

    I am an educator so I guess we'd be in the same industry after you make the change. Funny how as a teacher, I think the same things about long hours, tedious work, and being laid off. If it's hours you don't like.. DON'T ever teach. You have to bring your work home (grading papers...
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    Is getting your hair dyed/coloured/bleached gay?

    I'm an educator in the hairdressing industry, and though I do have some knowledge (it's my bread and butter), do take my advice with a grain of salt. Coloring = Also known as dyeing your hair. Color is deposited into hair. Think painting your walls. Highlights / Lowlights = Adding streaks...
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    Off and On -> Steady - How?

    There's this new Nike advertisement I just saw. Basically it's this kid. He loves football. Whenever he plays, he always gets scolded. In school, his girlfriend shouted at him for not spending time with her. He ignored her and played. At a housing area, the residents shouted at him for making...
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    Stop intellectualizing and obsessing - your ONLY chance of success

    That's exactly what I needed. With a mind that runs non-stop, I find it a double edged sword. I could storm up a bunch of creative ideas, or end up using it to think negative stuff. Sometimes I think too much for my own good, and this thread made me realize that you just have to do it...
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    Truly Believe, To Achieve.

    Many times, I notice posts talking about handling rejections. Others talk about what to do when a girl disrespects you. We even have an abundance of b*tch test posts. But how come so little of you actually believe the girl you're dating is going to love you? That she's going to love your...
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    Stole best friend's gf on accident. Interesting story.

    A friend I can understand, but your best friend? You need to work on your priorities. In case I reach a low in my life, I'd rather have someone stand up for me, compared to a woman who leaves with another guy.
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    Fifteen Lessons

    Wow, Pook still writes, and is doing a greater job at it too. Nice.
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    Idea Of Working (Hairdressing) Gives Me Jitters

    Well its basically due to the fact that I just graduated, and seeing all the pro's (like my previous mentors) strut their stuff, which is probably around the region of what my employer is looking for, I can't help but feel nervous whenever the need arises for me to demonstrate my abilities.