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    Ridiculous list of requirements on POF...hilarious

    I stopped reading at loving her dog more than... Jesus christ
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    Conflicted in LTR

    Not to be mean, but 5'2 and 140-150? I'd imagine this is your problem. To echo above, have you guys tried working out together? At the very least, walks with intention. By that I mean do you know how it's kinda essential for a mentally healthy dog to have intended walking? I don't mean...
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    It's becoming apparent that most of this **** only matters if you wanna be average. By that I mean sitting of the ****ing couch playing video games. If you have any ambition whatsoever to get your **** together, things shift. Sure, there's lull periods of drought, but mother ****er you can...
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    Never really thought about style until now...

    Respect. Lol Thank you for taking the time to spell that out... To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. Is there someplace you'd recommend to learn more about the details you mentioned? You clearly know shoes inside and out.
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    Never really thought about style until now...

    I wear Kenneth Cole square toed... Wtf is wrong with them?
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    Never really thought about style until now...

    I need help with this. Where's a good place to start without breaking the bank?
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    BIG, important tip...

    Wtf bump of the new year eh!?!? I call bull**** on this thread... If it's a girl I'm ****ing and I'm out with her friends/her friends house party, you bet your ass I'm looking at her tits. And all sorts of other ****, her friends WANT to see she's well taken care of, especially when you can...
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    ever wonder why you ended up with a BPD? I realized something

    I'm still struggling with identifying and improving some of these areas as well, but have similar background. Also being around a BPD brings this **** out in you... Lol idk how much is there around normal people, I know I act different. If anyone has any good links to off the cuff style columns...
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    I had the most fanicating convesation with a chick today

    I don't normally post pictures of my clients on the inter webs, but when I do I make sure their face is easily identifiable! Jesus Christ
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    I'm pretty pissed

    So many things come to mind here, but I feel like this is just like your other business thread. Want to help, but idk any way to approach this without coming off as a ****. Why you're not hosting all clients on your company dedi or colo and charging a decent monthly management/maintenance fee...
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    Some interesting words from Warren Buffet's Interview

    It's also not the same playing field of "divorce." Wealthy people are generally more disciplined, long sided and play the big picture. There are many types of "arrangements" that can come and go in a wealthy marriage... I see it firsthand with clients.
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    threesome about to be cancelled

    Have to agree here, you come off as forceful and negotiating via ultimatum. "I won't have sex with you unless it's in a threesome".... Think about that. How would you feel if the girl said I won't have sex with you unless it's dp'ing me with another guy? You'd chuckle and be like fvck you. Lol
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    Alright guys I need some business related advice

    Can I be frank? You're all pretty much looking at this through the wrong glasses. The problem is not with you, it's with your business model. We're in the same industry, and I've been in this position many times. Chasing one off web dev clients is a never ending cycle of keeping your pipeline...
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    Do Women Approach You?

    In my experience, this has everything to do with mood, body language, and aura. Women pick up on this **** ten times more than men, and most men (myself included) are not always aware what they're projecting. I've tested this, and definitely get more action when I force myself to have a more...
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    Pulling BPD Back In

    Haha! I ****ing laughed out loud
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    Total acceptance of red pill? I'm lost.

    I'm struggling with this as well. I believe the acceptance point, is realizing that the problem is with me, not the women. Why? Simply because the only thing I have control over is what I do. I'll won't easily change how society or women perpetuate. For me, I was raised religious, and...
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    Pulling BPD Back In

    Why you'd want to pull her back in is beyond me. Instead of talking out of my ass and telling you to do this and do that... try what I did. Fvcking go ghost, don't say shyt, go out with at least 5 other women (you don't even have to fvck them), find one you're really into that's cool, then...
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    Letting dreams die. A beta male's story.

    I don't mean to be rude bud, but I think you're super lucky this hasn't caused you more problems sooner. I've learned in the last few months, that a real women, who truly is into you, will stand by your side on something even if she doesn't like it. (the old adage, one would rather share a...
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    I need help: slipping back into bpd spell

    Little update - and a small revelation This is not going to work out, and sometimes feels like death. Literally. But, this is about the best thing that can happen to a man. I'm going to be ten times a better man for going through this. I'll explain... I've read every fvcking thing you can...