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    Girlfriend broke up with me.

    LO frickin L
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    Holy sh1t.. who is she kidding?

    This thread is showing the best, and the worst, of this forum.
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    Mind telling me no, Body telling me yes

    There's not enough details here, but everything I've read so far reads "attention ho" or BPD, whichever floats everyone's boat. If she is, she's not getting the attention she wants because her big, bad BF isn't here, so she gets it from you. She'd sleep with you, though it's not necessary...
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    vented to a chick i liked. oops?

    No, it shouldn't be a problem. You're fine with the new girl. The old girl? Whatever.
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    Underage (by 4 weeks) girl added me on Facebook and now wants to meet.

    Any girl who just throws herself at people on Facebook is bad news.
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    age prediciment!! advice pls

    18 and 24? Not an issue. I was dating (well, nibbling with) 19 year olds when I was 33. Good times.
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    Am I overthinking this?

    LOLZ, I gotta say. I think this could verily be the truth. I've never heard of girls posting comments and then pulling them right away, but it's a good trick. Why don't you ask her? If you're only FB'ing her, it shouldn't really bother you either. Yeah, ask her. I'm curious to know...
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    Go out and get some haters!

    This is interesting, but don't forget this quote (and I don't remember from where it comes): "One is known by the quality of one's enemies"
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    Men Are all Bastards

    Having problems getting laid lately?
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    Had sex for the first time. Wasn't as great as I'd expected =/

    The first time I had sex, decades ago, I couldn't come either. Can't explain why at all... the very next time I went off after about five minutes. Relax. It gets better. And if you're REALLY getting her off that many times (I kinda call shenanigans on that one, but hey, some guys have the...
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    I think woman want it just as bad a men....

    Haha, I didn't get his abbreviation either. Thought it was some kind of DJ thing that I'd never heard of. F'ed: F*cked Boned Screwed Porked Dropped a load in
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    Help me fvck my gorgeous co-worker! :)

    Wait... sorry if I'm missing something... you have a GF,and you want to steal a girl away from another guy... a girl that works under you? Karma is gonna get you. Not worth it, not by a LONG SHOT.
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    Naked guys aren't hideous in themselves, but UGLY naked guys are. At the same time, so are ugly naked women.
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    the "BPD ex" project

    he doesn't want to address it, because then this thread would be dead and no one would pay attention to his little game.
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    Facebook question: to add or not to add

    Huh, interesting. Doesn't look like you guys are unified on this one, though none of you trust FB very much (and neither do I, admittedly... but it almost seems to be a necessity these days). Commandante: Yeah, they're not that good of friends. Our mutual friend has a zillion contacts...
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    the "BPD ex" project

    I'm confused. He's looking for a victory, but it's not about revenge? What is it about, then?
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    Facebook question: to add or not to add

    Good one, radio, you're right that the worrying is the most important issue. I do think that the anxiety was coming from feeling like I had no options, and a couple of new girls have displayed interest in me in the last couple of days so that desperation isn't as strong now. I think I can wait...
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    the "BPD ex" project

    And, though I know this is kinda verboten on this site... BPD is a very serious condition. She may have screwed you over, but if she's really BPD there's a good chance it's not under her control. She may have really liked you... in those cases, the BPD REALLY gets under their skin and not only...
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    the "BPD ex" project

    No. I'm not enabling this, and I encourage others to do the same. I've spent too much of the last four months hating myself for the wrong reasons to support this kind of insanity!