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    How successful/well off guys do things differently.

    I sold my company last year for several million and it was generating over $1 million per year in free cashflow since 2017 so I've been a millionaire for a few years now. The most simple way for me to describe the difference between being successful and being average is that successful people do...
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    Stacy laments that even after 400 first dates in 3 years, she can't find a man, while aquaintance gets divorced, and gets a new man quickly

    She seems like one of those women who has absolutely nothing in common with men so it is hard for her to connect. Some women are so girly that they live in another universe from men and can only get a bf if they are really pleasant to look at.
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    Is Instagram required at this point?

    I date a lot of women who are highly educated high iq and none of these types of women have an IG addiction. At most they have an IG that is private for only their close friends and could care less that I don't have one. So basically if you want to date average to low iq women then yes IG can...
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    Avoiding getting banned on dating apps

    You can still report someone even after they have blocked you so I don't think blocking is that effective. Maybe it is slightly effective because some girls might incorrectly assume they can't report you if you blocked them. There is also no statute of limitations - they can report you 3 years...
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    Western Euro dudes on here, how do you all deal with your women?

    Stabbing is very common in the UK and Western Europe so people generally try to keep their distance from others while out in the streets. Their gun laws backfired (no pun intended) creating a knife culture where you are far more likely to be stabbed in Western Europe than you are to be shot in...
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    Rent or buy?

    I wasn't stating an opinion. The average annual appreciation for residential RE in the US is 6.77%. RE investors are probably leveraged about 4x on average so that makes the annual return 27.08% and that does not include any hedging. A basic dual momentum etf portfolio returns an average of 10%...
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    Rent or buy?

    Most RE investors are highly leveraged. If they had invested in the stock market with that same amount of leverage and had the balls to not sell during a drawdown then they would be wealthier from stocks and would have spent far less time earning the money.
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    Asked gf about sleeping with other women

    From what I've seen in my network it's partly the lifestyle but it's mostly that the women want those 1% genes for their children. That's why women always say they want a rich guy but only a self made rich guy because that shows them that he was able to intellectually outcompete 99% of the world...
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    Asked gf about sleeping with other women

    It depends on your SMV in comparison to hers. A guy who is much higher SMV than his girl can pull this off. I live in a tax haven and most of my guys friends here are in the 1% so they are all significantly higher SMV than almost all women besides 9's and 10's. Most of them actually date or...
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    Having kids at 40 yrs old

    On the flip side it may help keep you young and active. The older people that I see aging the fastest are the ones who are retired and just DGAF anymore so they are basically rotting away quickly until they die. If you have a purpose to stay active physically and mentally then I think it will...
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    Having kids at 40 yrs old

    I think having kids at 40 is actually better as long as you used your 20's and 30's to build wealth. I think it would be hell raising kids in your early 30's without having a lot of money. Pretty much all of the pain points with raising kids can be greatly reduced by throwing money at it - hire...
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    Rich Cooper

    He is just making the videos to drive traffic to his paid private group. Most of his videos are purposely created just to get as many eye balls as possible so he can get more customers.
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    American women are actually pretty cool, the Manosphere was lying.

    No idiot. Guys are moving to the country of their choice where they find the women most attractive. Do you live in the US?? How have you not seen men's lives get completely ruined over and over again in family court? I'm in my 30's so I've seen some friends go through it and it is brutal. One...
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    American women are actually pretty cool, the Manosphere was lying.

    You're missing the point. The main reason guys are not interested in dating American women is because that puts them at risk of being subject to US family court which is massively biased against men. By dating someone outside of the US you are far removed from that system which has ruined the...
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    Former Chad - what next?

    Yea don't be so hard on yourself. The majority of men jump into marriages exactly like you did. The percentage of guys who read this forum or any red pill stuff is still pretty low. I know I'm very lucky to have found these communities years ago starting in the RVF days and have been very...
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    Former Chad - what next?

    Man this thread makes me never want to get married. These divorce and family court stories are brutal.
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    Guys who have used Seeking Arrangements and done Sugar dating, experiences?

    I don't think sugar dating apps are going to go mainstream any time soon because they are banned by both apple and android. The huge downside of sugar dating is it gives you an unrealistic standard for any real non sugar relationships you might have in the future. The sugar babies basically do...
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    Why do you think dudes puss out on the pre-nup agreement?

    I'm a multi-millionaire and I live in a tax haven so 95% of my friends are also multimillionaires and I'm at the age where many are getting married. All of them have pre-nups and it's just assumed there will be a pre-nup if the man is coming into the marriage with significant assets. Women who...
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    Changes in Online Dating

    Yep thank God the pendulum is swinging back in the moderate direction. There was awhile there where every third profile was loaded up with blm swj neo Marxism **** they learned from their university indoctrination. No way I could have ever have a serious conversation with a person like they.
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    Do you think chicks will start demanding dating-alimony?

    Yes Bryan Johnsons ex gf sued him demanding $149k a year in alimony because she claimed when they were dating he said he would "take care of her". A lot of guys say things like that to girls. He's a billionaire and building a business based on his personal brand so she knew he would settle to...