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    About marriage

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    I had a bad oneities 10+ years ago. Had to Deal with her again recently and Iam so happy it didnt work out.
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    Your Crazy Stories?

    I wonder what crazy stories you have went trough in your live with the opposite sex. Unfortunately i don’t have many in 30 years but two that stuck with me. 1) 15 years ago. Booked a cabin in the woods with 6 other guys. Basically a get away, play cards, barbeque, talk ****. There was another...
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    Cosmetic surgery

    Iam not even sure Natural is better to be honest. They will just hang depending on size or age. Fake is the way to go. Id love to be in your Position.
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    How to raise children to be successful and happy?

    My parents never listened to me. Never once tried to understand me on the inside. I want to build that comnection to my son. That he feels seen. Also make your Kids laugh, Tell them from time to time that they are your everything. Make them feel loved. Else i think teaching compound effect...
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    sexual dysfunction

    Alot People dismiss this but the pelvis area can get very tight and restrict blood flow from decades of sitting, posture, stress. I had ED for 3 month once and Yoga and hot baths etc turned it back on. Very scary feeling
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    I am in my early 30s yet apparently look 45. Chances with younger women?

    I think the prevelance of HIV is higher in Sex workers.
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    I am in my early 30s yet apparently look 45. Chances with younger women?

    why is pregnancy your major concern and not like HIV?
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    Feeling stuck with young kid.

    Thank you for your replies. 1. The main reason for this thread is my son. I dont want some nasty guy to touch him when iam not around. If i didnt have a kid id leave. 2. It was said again and again that my financial situation wasnt great. 90k+ puts me in like 5-7% top percent of income earners...
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    Feeling stuck with young kid.

    Hi, iam currently 35 from germany, i make 90k a year (45% tax gg) as a software engineer, iam 6.3 and pretty good looking (little overweight and some hair loss starting but rest is decent), ltr of 9 years is 29, earns like 30k, very beautiful face, body is ok, shes my first girlfriend since ive...