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    Been dating this girl for almost four months... no sex yet.

    I dated a woman like this once, but I pulled the plug at 3 months. She wasn't religious, so it came down to either her having some issues, or making the ultimate power play/frame grab. I wasn't going to waste any more time finding out what exactly what her deal was. She wasn't worth it and...
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    What to say when you get explicitly friendzoned?

    Or maybe "Hey, I'd never date you, you're not girlfriend material, but we should still meet up to have sex." Pretty much the guy equivalent of what she said.
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    What to say when you get explicitly friendzoned?

    I think if I had to do it over again I would have said something like "I have plenty of friends. I don't use dating sites to meet friends. I use dating sites to find people to date. Take care." And then politely leave. It was just weird, because usually when you meet up with a girl from a dating...
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    What to say when you get explicitly friendzoned?

    Met a girl off OKCupid recently. Had a good time on the first meetup. Today she invites me out to this Fraternal Lodge that has an outdoor pool with a bar. We're sitting there and she says to me "You're okay with us just being friends, right? I just have a lot going on right now, I gotta figure...
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    Best way to move on from a bad date...

    I had a fourth date with this girl last night. We had fooled around a bit before a couple of weeks ago at my place and stopped just short of the bang, but I didn’t get the bang until last night. So we’re laying there afterwards doing the pillow talk thing. I mentioned something along the lines...
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    Is an NFL starting QB ever out of the league of a chick?

    He could have pulled that even if he wasn't an NFL QB. Matthew Stafford is from the Highland Park area of Dallas. Same goes for Clayton Kershaw; he and Stafford went to high school together. Their neighbors include Mark Cuban, George W. Bush, Tom Hicks, Ross Perot Jr and Dirk Nowitzki. Their...
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    With holding of sex is a dating strategy

    The strategy is called "Alpha f*cks, Beta bucks."
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    The slaying of a BPD - my way ;)

    Slaying a BPD involves reaching indifference.
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    AFC award for this football player

    This has nothing to do with being AFC. As long as it went on, he had to have been in on it. If he wanted a girlfriend, he didn't have to go off campus, let alone be forced to endure a long-distance relationship with somebody halfway across the country. There would be a long line forming to the...
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    stealing her passwords and checking her FB, email etc??

    Not every girl is a cheater. There are some people out there predisposed to cheating and then there are people who have the integrity to formally terminate a relationship before seeking out new partners. Your job as a DJ is to know what to look for when it comes to good relationship material...
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    Can BPD woman really change?

    I would think the typical raging BPD woman once you reach a certain point it would be crystal clear you need to walk away from them. The far more insidious BPD type is the Waif, the kinds that don't rage and direct their anger inwards. I think they end up doing more damage because you don't know...
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    Red pill knowledge backfires, rule 1: don't talk about fightclub, also marriage.

    I keep my red pill views to myself mostly. I once sent one of my friends a link to one of Rollo's posts on rationale male without any commentary, just the URL. He went apesh*t, accused me of being a misogynist and having "issues" with women. Blue pill viewpoints are so deeply ingrained and...
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    Would you take dating advice from this woman?

    I honestly don't understand what she's so worked up about. It's not like she would ever have to "suffer" the indignity of a PUA approaching her. Also, that's just stupid on her part to say that guys absolutely should not approach women during the day at a Starbucks, shopping mall or whatever. If...
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    Would you take dating advice from this woman?

    It almost reads like a parody of what NOT to do when it comes to dating and women. The only useful thing she said was own your sh*t and don't blame women for your unhappiness.
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    Would you take dating advice from this woman?
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    Woman I am dating has spent ZERO on me/us

    Fatal Jay is right. It never gets "better." Whatever frame is set from the outset is what you're always gonna get. Relationships after the honeymoon stage require some maintenance and effort. The better things are in the beginning, the better it bodes well for the future. If right off the bat...
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    Seen the BPD ex with new boyfriend after a year and three months of ghost....

    + everything bradd80 said. It takes time and lots of work on yourself to get past it to the other side. Also meeting a much healthier woman and hitting it off with her will do wonders.
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    Blue Pill men are unbearable

    I assume this is a permanent move and not a temporary assignment? If it's the former, I was that guy once. He's probably still just really attached and not ready to face reality yet. A few months of only getting to see her once every six weeks and being exposed to attractive women in his home...
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    "Waiting" as DJ

    Maybe. I could say the point is that I can have sex with her on her mating schedule if my sexual market value is equal to hers. Only if my sexual market value is decisively higher than hers can I probably leverage it to happen on my schedule. I think the fact of the matter is that when it...
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    "Waiting" as DJ

    I also think there's something to be said for not being a slave to your sex drive. I really enjoy sex, I think most guys do or else they wouldn't be on this site. But if you are this rigid about a 3-date rule because you are afraid of being chumped on and having your time wasted, you'll probably...