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    is it ok to ask where the relationship is going?

    If you inquire about where things are going it means you don't know where they are going but believe the girl knows where things are going. From her point of view it means you're not in control, that you are not leading, that you are confused about how she feels despite all the positive signs...
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    She threw up LMR, and I failed miserably. What should I learn from this?

    What she wanted was for you to tease her, play with her, do some push-pull. When she says "I thought you were different and wouldn't try to immediately do me" you respond in a light-hearted tone "What are you talking about - I'm a take it slow kind of guy and was practically pushing you off me...
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    Best Rejection Line Ever?

    1) Do not put yourself into a situation where you are explaining to a girl why you have not kissed her. Girls don't want to hear that. They either want you to kiss them, in which case you do, or they don't, in which case there is no reason for you to be spending time with them. You find out...
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    women who spin plates

    TS - that a woman spins plates isn't good, bad, right, or wrong. It just is. You have to accept that. Many women date around because they like it (they often get free stuff like dinner) and because they are waiting for a guy who electrifies their vag. That's the guy with whom they'll date...
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    Why do women like suits?

    When a woman sees a man wearing a suit -- and I don't mean jeans/khakis and a sport coat -- she thinks primarily one thing: respect. She will also think money, stature, etc. but primarily it is respect. Women dress to feel a sense of self-respect and to compete with other women. When they...
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    To break up with the GF, or not to??

    Find someone you actually like and can consider a friend. You come across as a controlling d1ck.
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    Texting vs Calling in 2013 - after getting a number

    It also depends how you got the number. If you got it in person then I think texting is better than calling. Presumably you had a conversation with the girl, established some amount of rapport, and she has sufficient interest to give you her number. If you got it online (online dating) then...
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    Wife gets pre NOPE. Burroughs T1ts and Co. you're gonna "love" this!

    Law vs. equity. They're different yet very related. The best pre-nup is not getting married in the first place...
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    Hey NN you’re 43 years old! Why aren’t/haven’t you been married?

    Why SHOULD I get married assuming I don't want children? What is more stable about marriage than a non-marriage LTR? I mean besides the woman having a stable mindset that she has you by the balls.
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    Women over 25 vs women under 25

    The primary difference is not sexual from what I've seen, it is psychological/mental. Women in their early 20s are some combination of stupid, crazy, ignorant, ridiculous, unstable, irrational, childish/immature. Yes, to some extent all women exhibit some of these behaviors, as do men, but it...
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    Help answer this text pls.

    Over it? She is not upset; she is being playful. And don't apologize, even a little, or even in jest. Roll with it and promise her more.
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    bank teller

    You could provide a note by saying "I'd like to withdraw $XXX broken down like this" and give her the note which shows the breakdown of cash: $20 x 5 $10 x 5 $05 x 10 And dinner with you - your phone number _________.
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    bank teller

    Don't ask her if she has a boyfriend.
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    Cupcakes banned Libtard faggots run amuck
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    89 million people unemployed

    "debt and money printing are controlled by the Federal Reserve...the board of the FED are the defacto rulers of the world" What else is new since 1913?
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    89 million people unemployed

    Debasement of currency and high level of deficit spending by the Congress combined with monetization of that debt by the Federal Reserve and a refusal by the Obama Administration to punish investments banks for civil and criminal acts will lead to the economic situation we see today. Too bad...
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    How to get respect from a woman
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    Red K me phaggots!!
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    This one is to you guys who are amazed at just how cold hearted females can be....

    Once again, the less you say the better off you are. It takes time and experience to learn but women do not respect weakness in a man, and this guy is showing major weakness. That he loves her is irrelevant because she cannot respect weakness and therefor cannot love him in return. Don't be...
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    Did I Take it Too Far?

    Eh, I think I'd be too annoyed with her, but here is what I would do: while you are busy with the verbal diarrhea just take her in your arms and make out with her. You've already had sex with her and this will instantly tell you precisely what her deal is - it sounds to me like she might just...