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    Exchanging Currency

    Really? cause most AUD banks take off a ****ton of money as commission or something.
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    Exchanging Currency

    Hey guys, Got a quick question for the enlightened people out there, I'm in AUS at the moment but I'm heading over to the US (Las Vegas, etc.) for 10 days. Whats the best way for me to exchange my AUD into USD? At an AUD bank I'm looking at something like 1000AUD -> 918USD Would I get...
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    Mila Kunis Hit the Wall....damn!

    Would still pound
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    Small penis. What are my options?

    Buddy as long as you don't have a micro penis it's fine. Sex is more than penetration and pumping of the vagina. learn some proper foreplay then learn how to properly have sex if it really bothers you. touching her body during sex, different positions, noise, slow, fast, hard, etc. All...
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    $10 000.00 - What am I doing?

    Cheers, I'll go through those links you gave me. For anyone else interested, was a good starting site for me.
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    $10 000.00 - What am I doing?

    That's scary... I enjoy trend trading, hopefully it's not too outdated! @Danger, where can i read up on your style of trading? I think I've found something that clicks with my mentality but I'm always looking to learn. I wish I could come up with some creative e-business to use this money on!
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    $10 000.00 - What am I doing?

    Nothing that crazy, diagnostic imaging, like x-rays, PET, things like that
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    $10 000.00 - What am I doing?

    Hey Sosuave brothers, I've got $10 000.00 to my name that I managed to earn through forex trading over a 6-7 month period. I'm not kidding myself into thinking I'm good at trading either, because prior to this I'd lost $4000.00 over a 3 year period trying to make money through forex and it's...
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    Read THE 4 HOUR BODY, by tim Ferriss

    Do you even lift?
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    Won $80 in 2 days

    $100AU walked out with ~$4000AU (was ~$7000, but got greedy). Was playing blackjack. Don't know how to card count - was sitting next to a Chinese dude who knew what he was doing.
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    What happened to Pook?

    says no matches when you follow the link..
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    Brothers, I'm being downgraded in life (by family) and feel lost

    Since when is going to uni @ 21 late? Don't sweat the small stuff, you'll end up with a career and a life like everyone else down the track. Only difference between you and the next person is the journey that brought you there and there really is no best or optimal way. Basically, it's your life!
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    Extra-Martial Affair

    Pretty messed up when you consider the OP has children. We need real Alpha figure fathers in our society and part of being that alpha is protecting whats yours and leaning how to resist temptation... That said, OP it's easily doable. Delete your FB - having one with no pictures is going to be...
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    Bloomberg report caught with skirt up

    mic and transmitter
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    Starting college at 24: Yay or Nay?

    It's fine as long as you're going to study something that brings you a job. A vocational degree.
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    which idiot forgot the rules to fightclub?

    I don't see a problem with that the guy did, he was seeing multiple women and decided to play it smart with a spreadsheet to keep track of all the women he was seeing. He probably gave the spreadsheet to that woman for ****s and giggles in the first place.
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    I have figured out who the most hopeless people on earth are

    BB is actually Lex Steel, brahs. He reads comments cause they're like his performance reviews.
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    I think I give up on this Don Juan stuff...

    you're 17 - kind of young to be hating women.