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  1. speed dawg

    Food shortages

    Because there's not a real shortage. Supply-chain still working itself out, combined with panic buying from time to time. When COVID first hit, while it was hard to imagine back then, most planners were saying 2023 before things truly return to normal. And if you're worried about higher...
  2. speed dawg

    So how are you fellow Americans handling the high cost of housing?

    Bro you must not be old enough to know what a true crash is.
  3. speed dawg

    Food shortages

    Yeah I never understood why people freak out about no food on the shelves. I just buy what nobody else wants, and as you said, people are stupid. Not to mention we can get by on much less food than we actually eat. I do not see a food shortage coming, personally. "Shortage" has been the...
  4. speed dawg

    So how are you fellow Americans handling the high cost of housing?

    Doom and Gloom!!!!!! Live long enough, you'll realize this stuff will correct itself. It doesn't happen overnight. People have already shifted their spending habits to compensate, and the market will correct. Economy has been booming off fear for about 2 years now (started in fall 2020...
  5. speed dawg

    Do vegetables fill you up as much as meat-based proteins?

    Agree with EyeBRollin. It's always seemed like the best way for me was to eat the vegetables first when I'm really hungry, then move on to the other after that, and it prevents me from overeating the other, whatever that may be on that particular day. But vegetables themselves are never...
  6. speed dawg

    How do i confess my love to an 18yr old.

    Is this the American version of Bjerte? All you young mfers that weren't around in the old days will have no idea what I'm talking about. Bjerte is CoMiNg FoR lOvE !!!!! Of course, to combat your oneitis, I submit to you the...
  7. speed dawg

    Am I the only one noticing the decline of American white women

    So why did you pipe up? The guy was asking a question. The other guy who typed the Asian slur was not you, so why is it your problem? Obviously neither should be allowed, and I'm curious why the Asian slur was allowed myself, no reason to allow it. You can't control what other people say or...
  8. speed dawg

    Can’t Get Out of Bed to Save My Life

    I hate getting up too. I can't see myself ever getting up before I actually have to, due to job or whatever I'm doing that day. I intentionally try not to schedule things early. I'm a night owl personally. Obviously things like proper exercise and diet help, but for purposes of this...
  9. speed dawg

    How are you dealing with "are you vaccinated?" questions?

    Three points here: 1) If you tell the truth, you never have to worry about being caught in a lie; 2) You don't always have to divulge all the truth; 3) I often ask people if they are vaccinated - it's an easy way to identify true idiots.
  10. speed dawg

    Alarm growing from excessive non COVID deaths happening

    The antibodies are still very good to have. They may not fight each new variant as good as the old variants (because viruses mutate and get stronger), but they still fight it. Much better than having none. Vitamins are good. Vaccines are good. 2 things can be true at the same time. Don't...
  11. speed dawg

    Alarm growing from excessive non COVID deaths happening

    Like clockwork. I seem to remember a bunch of overcautious silliness in March 2020. Virus stays in the air for 3 days, on surfaces for a week, etc. Then once we figured out what the first strand actually did, things calmed down. Again, no one knew how to deal with this thing at the time, but...
  12. speed dawg

    Kali Muscle Almost Died - The REAL Reason Why

    I like him, he's got some good rationale for things. But not surprising that he had a heart attack.
  13. speed dawg

    Alarm growing from excessive non COVID deaths happening

    And like clockwork, this will be politicized by the twitter trolls and such. The problem is, you can't blame this on anyone. In times of extreme crises like this, the hospitals turned people into numbers. They HAD to, it was the only way to manage things. Yet the nimrods still play the...
  14. speed dawg

    NoFap is a weird thing.

    That's fine, but just know that is your ego talking. That's a 'you' deal, when you want to exert power over other people. And let's get real, that's what this is about, combined with a little bit of bad masculinity.
  15. speed dawg

    NoFap is a weird thing.

    And to take this further, this whole idea of going longer is a fem-centric ideal created in our heads, in other words, a perversion. 50 years ago there was no porn, no shaved balls or p*ssies, none of that crap. All of this has come on fast. However, there has always been prostitution, and...
  16. speed dawg

    Wanna see another example proving The Wall is real?

    Staying in shape cures most of this. Everyone gets older, but if you're not fat, and at least have the look of being active, you can stay attractive well into your 50s. Super skinny and frail looking isn't really attractive either. Gets worse if you try to have cosmetic surgery or whatever...
  17. speed dawg

    Would you rather live in location A or location B?

    All depends on your stage of life. I have zero desire for Option A at the moment.
  18. speed dawg

    What now ?

    Good stuff here. At some point, you just want to do stuff that matters, stuff that has a lasting impact. Everybody wants this, but they don't often have the guts.
  19. speed dawg

    What now ?

    They don't have to be, but for 99.99% of us, that's all we are going to leave behind. How many Arnold Schwarzeneggar's/Donald Trump's/Michael Jordan's/etc. are there? Guys that do things that are actually remembered in history? Think about the guys in American history - Abraham Lincoln...
  20. speed dawg

    What now ?

    If you truly have plates, why not pick one that you are compatible with, and have a family? What's stopping you? That's one thing we never really talk about here, which is the innate nature of us to reproduce. And a family is the best way to do this. No one can escape it. Even the...