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    hi, hope everyone is well! I am engaged and planning to get married to an awesome girl next January. she is chinese and I am American. she has been living with me in new York for 2 years now and everything is great! she is very loving, fun and a good person the problem is she comes from...
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    at a crossroads..........

    my ex had very similar qualities to your girlfriend.. she kept hasseling me to marry her and it was very stressful time as i really loved her but was worried to marry her because things about her behaviour worried me she was EXTREMELY dependent and i guess very controlling. she kept...
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    BPD ex.... 3 months out - need some advice

    i totally agree with what everyone has written about there experiences with these type of women.. i ended a relationship with my fiance a year ago after she followed me to work and trashed my office after i accused her of lying and calling of the engagement.. she later claimed after begging...
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    exgf coming back around - convert into FB?

    good to hear man these girls are serious trouble because they have a hook in us that can tear us apart if we let them i know its hard . my girl was so amazing in many many ways as well and caused me so much pain when it ended. i still have not found any girls who made me feel as good as...
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    exgf coming back around - convert into FB?

    whats wrong with you dude? u are one of the people on this site who gives great advise over bpd chicks and then you fall right back into her trap. my ex gf who i was suppose to marry in may ended up trashing my office. i loved her deeply but she obviously has serious issues in her head so...
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    Telling my wife I will be hanging with friends as a test?

    if you continue to have this attitude you will eventually loose your friends. hanging with friends should be fun, not a burden
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    ex behaves like a total bi***. Why?

    my ex just recently fuked one of my best friends becareful around her.
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    I just dont know man....

    did you see lots of warning signs in the 5 years when you where dating?
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    PART 1 - I guess I'm dating a chick with BPD, please help if you have experience

    my ex BPD was in such a rush to marry me that put so much pressure on me as i was not truely ready. she admitted after we broke up she wanted to test how much i loved her through marriage. she said by marrying her it would show that i truely loved her now since we broke up she wanted...
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    Has anyone dated a girl who was not BPD?

    boilermaker give us stories of what your brother told you about real BDP?
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    PART 1 - I guess I'm dating a chick with BPD, please help if you have experience

    seriously RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!!! my ex BDP trashed my office and now hanging out with one of my ex close mates. she admitted she using him to get revenge on me for abandoning her its a horror story if u feel she has issues get out now! otherwise she will destroy you emotionally
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    Help! Possible Cluster B- Feeling Totally Lost

    i dont understand how someone could end up married to a BPD (unless they marry very early on in their relationship and they dont know the girl well enough) wont guys see the huge warning signs and end the relationship or can these girls HIDE their emotionally craziness until they finally get...
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    daddy issues

    i agree findog breaking up with these girls destroy you emotionally because their love towards you are so extreme! they make u feel so good because you become there life. they give everything to make you happy and then they react in extreme way that is so hard to accept, especially as it...
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    daddy issues

    yes u guys are all right my relationship started offf amazingly and when times got tough she reacted in the most aggressive way by attacking me and threatening to hurt my dog.. guess i need to consider myself i didnt marry her as you never know what she could of done such a shame though...
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    Im cracking fellas

    why were your parents talking you out of the relationship?
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    Girls from mainland China

    becareful of the emotional unstable ones..
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    Girls from mainland China

    becareful of the emotional unstable ones..
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    Help! Possible Cluster B- Feeling Totally Lost

    just wondering if my ex girlfriend has personality disorder:??? 1. she says she came from emotionally unloved family. she left home when she was 14 going to bording school, then to another city to study 2. very neeedy and jealous 3. very smart and sexy, funny 4. became very angry very...
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    *A few things I've learned...*

    my girlfriend who had daddy issues followed me into work and trashed my office... run away from them no matter how perfect they seem on the outside
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    Should men feel insecure about their physical looks?

    my friend is very ugly but pulls lots of ***** he has a great attitude towards life