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    Kettlebell good cardio?

    Good stuff Peasant. My apologies for not posting the workouts, they are hidden away in a folder, somewhere in my garage gym. I will try to find them today then post.
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    Kettlebell good cardio?

    As a supplement to regular strength training? Fantastic. Increased muscular & cardiovascular capacity. As a standalone exercise regime? If you just want general fitness, and to sort of look like you're in shape, it is fine. I've got half a dozen kettlebell complexes I can post up if you...
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    Anyone with insomnia?

    How's your diet and exercise routine? I have issues with staying asleep when in a caloric deficit or doing low carb. Also if my training frequency/intensity is too high and i'm starting to get burnt out.
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    What Kind of Resistance Training can I do with a 5K Program?

    Stronglifts is a half decent program, albeit a ripoff of Bill Starrs 5x5. Mehdi is a better marketer than "coach", and not strong at all for the years he has put into lifting. It is a strength and mass program first, so any cardio will eat into recovery, which is why he suggests not to. You...
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    When should I begin cutting?

    20-25% is way too high man. **** calorie partitioning when you start to become that fat, you think you're getting "bigger" but just fatter. Bulk to 16% max, so you don't have to spend 6 months dieting.
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    Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

    TRT is specific for those that have clinically low testosterone, it can apply to someone as early as mid 20's: Physical Signs and Symptoms Erectile dysfunction (impotence: inability to develop or maintain an erection) Fatigue (lack of energy) Muscle mass and strength (reduced) Body fat...
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    Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

    If your levels are within range and you dont have the symptoms of low tesosterone, wait until you actually need it. Just be aware that over the last few years the "range" has been lowered. Injection frequency depends on which ester is being used: - Test e/cyp would be every 3.5 days/twice per...
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    Has anyone tried fasting? How effective was it?

    IF is great for cutting/dieting. What would you prefer: - 6 meals of 333 calories OR - 2 meals of 1000 cals? Perhaps a little better partitioning, but no, it is not magic. Still need to be in a deficit to lose fat.
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    Want Your Opinions/Mother Issues

    I'm curious how many members on the forum have/had mother issues. Strong correlation for seeking out this forum?
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    What's really behind a mid-life crisis
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    Are there any professional books of how to get women outside of PUA community ?

    Rollo is a psychologist(?)
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    2 Contradictory Theories on SS

    Rollos take:
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    Making the final push or not?

    It's over mate. Don't initiate any contact with her, but if you do see her, be polite and civil. Start approaching other girls. If you continue to do things together "as friends" it will only eat you up inside, because you're not banging her.
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    If you had a son, what there things would YOU want to teach him about women?

    Victor made a great list:
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    Be careful who you meet online.

    Look after yourself mate. You never know what people are capable of, especially when their ethics and "moral" code is completely different to yours. I hope he doesn't know where you live?
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    I find myself caring less and less about other people.

    Depression is a part of it, I am going through the same thing. But it's almost like my mind is instinctively filtering out the people that drain my life.
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    Football star shows you can't judge a book by its cover
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    Fat Loss WHILE Muscle Gain - Is It Possible ?!?!

    It is possible when you first begin training (almost effortlessly provided your training and nutrition are decent). But as your training age increases, it becomes very difficult. Recomping (Losing fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass) is possible, but the results are painstakingly...
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    TheStig's Workout Log

    Yep, just listen to your body. Sick PR on front squat.