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    I feel so stupid! (Missed Opportunity)

    live is like a **** , leran to ejackulate that shyt and youll be happy forever
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    R E S P E C T

    just stay true, dont try and fit in just to get respect **** them foolz
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    There comes a time in a DJ's life

    ok man lets do it------- i wil read a little more to reach my intellectual goal but i will leave by tonight.. peace yall, my journey is waiting for me tanx for all the help
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    There comes a time in a DJ's life

    nobody seemms to what to join, but i think this is something i should do, but i need to reallly know that i have gotttn to the level to come back, how would i know this??
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    Is it too late for me to be seen as a DJ in my school?

    dayum dawg im a freshman , and im grownin a afro puff factory down there!
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    The Image of a DJ

    image is for thoes gangsters that wanna stay herd image is for that popular vally girl that wants to stay popular DJ is just who you are ?????
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    disiplin -- tactics

    chea but nobody is giving ideas, haha
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    She wants a list?

    owihfnno foicioem sidnif = next
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    disiplin -- tactics

    adleast say somethin, hive me a hint , a clue ??
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    Dude I'm going to be a man now

    hell yeah man , but if your gonna do it, DO IT dont slagg off , cuzz i know how fawked up that shyt feelz because you sayd your gong to be a mas about it, haha but one-itis is like your minds stuck on one certain chick, which can ruin everything in my opionion
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    The manly kinesthetic hug!

    ***** hugs, where the weist is locked to-geather hahah
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    disiplin -- tactics

    i knew nobody was gonna reply , dammit! lolz
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    The Image of a DJ

    i think there is no image! ?
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    goin lone wolf

    everyday man, everyday i gotta have some quite time man, to reflect on how the day was, usually my quite time is on the comp, but chea i do that hella!
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    disiplin -- tactics

    ay whad up people i had an idea for a post and it goes like this, i know there are thoes AFC that are learning like me , and usually the main reasion, other than confidence and all that , is that we pass up so many oppertunities, sometimes even when the oppertunities are comming through the...
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    Experimental Designs

    heres the game that me and my friend play we pick a location we pick number of girls ( like group of 4 or one or 3) then we pick the objective ( get a numberm get a hug , ect ) and if you ***** out , you gotta streek with ya shirt of in that location, hahaha its pretty fun man...
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    [] Jewlery

    jewelry is alright , just dont go overboard, so that its obvious that you want attention !!
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    Does this entire forum have beer goggles???

    i cant beleive they made me get a hard on before hahahaha
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    OMG yes yes he has tha aura about him its like with chicks i bnet they wanna get with him and with guys they wanna be like him anywayz tho, that sho hella nice, i only watch that and seinfeld , hahaha
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    Experimental Designs

    try and DJ and close 5 girls in an area that is no bigger than a decent size gym,