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  1. Theoneaboveall

    Is it possible to be a PUA if one wants to be asleep by 21:00?

    Hey DJ I can see that you have been active here since 2006,so that makes you active for 18 years!! So my question is,has this site actually helped you? I always want to ask OGs if this site has been of any help or is just a niche space for men who are down.
  2. Theoneaboveall

    Your top 5 personal qualities that contribute to bangs

    Great thread My top qualities would be:- 1. Boldness while been casual - this is easily the factor that has lead to most of my success. 2. Sense of humour - Always great to have,has helped ease the tension on numerous occasions but is generally a hit or miss with girls with only 20 per cent...
  3. Theoneaboveall

    I Now Hav A Girlfriend Wooooooo!!!

    An OG poster!! You have to give the details man,about how it went,what you learnt from that experience.
  4. Theoneaboveall

    About relationships..

    Book of Pook is mandatory if you are in SoSuave.I still read it time to time for inspiration. But if you could tell us where you are in life and what do want going forward,the members here would be able to better help you.
  5. Theoneaboveall

    Do you think that women look at men that approach as at least being more masculine for approaching?

    Women love men who treat them like an equal,in both love and socially. I can remember a lot of instances,where I just talked to an unknown girl and I was better for it. But the crux is to treat them like equal human being,not like a goddess or a rug.
  6. Theoneaboveall

    Creating a strong sense of self?

    Okay,I get about complimenting oneself,but that's not enough to build a strong sense of self. The question still remains.
  7. Theoneaboveall

    Creating a strong sense of self?

    Great question,and I doubt we will get many( or any) replies.
  8. Theoneaboveall

    My mother passed!!

    Sorry for your loss.
  9. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    Yeah,you are right. I will read more about rite of passage in other cultures.
  10. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    Thank you for your helpful response. I will try the gym one and bucket list one. Notch too
  11. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    Is it a good or a bad thing?
  12. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    Well i used strength as a metric as it needs discipline,years of hardwork,consistency and planning; and when it's done, the result is something you can be proud of. A man needs to be strong so we can hit two birds with one stone if we have this goal. I know it's not the best goal to have,that's...
  13. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    They are basically to push the boy to the extreme, as manhood is built and womanhood is preserved( the common belief in older societies). There is also a book called King Warrior Magician Lover,it delves into the need of Rite of Passage for boys to gain respect in their own eyes and become the Man.
  14. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    Great question and my answer would be deep seated confidence,not ****iness, confidence with calmness. And discipline too. My answer makes me wonder did I want a shortcut to the above given qualities via rite of passage? But the thing is it's difficult to be confident being a new doctor as there...
  15. Theoneaboveall

    Manhood Ritual

    Hello gentlemen This is a topic I have thinking about a lot and would like your inputs. So,in earlier times boys had to go through a ritual in order to be able to marry a girl. This was called the manhood Ritual and can be found in a lot of former societies. Some examples could be that the boy...
  16. Theoneaboveall

    Scientists find "switch" that shuts off the immune system from attacking itself

    I am sceptical about this. There is always some groundbreaking research happening but when it comes to market trials,these just vanish. There was an award winning research some time ago that said that having gut parasites lowered the symptoms of autoimmune doses,even my professors talked about...
  17. Theoneaboveall

    Anyone here have issues with water?

    Sorry to hear that. Make sure you take adequate amount of potassium everyday.
  18. Theoneaboveall

    Anyone here have issues with water?

    The amount of water you need to drink depends on your gene pool and where you spent your growing years also. There no set amount of water someone needs to drink,just make sure your urine is light yellow; mild yellow or dark yellow means you are dehydrated,and fully transparent(looks like pure...
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    Expats To The Philippines

    Just like Pook said- You bring a good dish to a soiled plate,the dish gets soiled too. And as for your first question, my good friend just did his medicine studies from Philippines and here's what he said about the scene there- 1. A lot a single mothers- He has dated and slept with a lot of...
  20. Theoneaboveall

    Stopping Porn

    Here's my acount of this- While it started as a curiosity,it quickly became my stress buster and even a source of entertainment. Finding new performers,their filmography,the directors,what is popular in which country and so on and so forth. So it never occurred to me that anything was bad, but...