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    The Time Of Your Life And How To Shape Yourself

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages (at least those 13 and older, due to internet regulation guidelines...) I have seen countless threads about approaching, confidence, inner game, etc on this board. I have seen people struggle and not know why and then get down about it...
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    Happy B-day Capi Crimini ! ! !

    Yep, you never know who is still around. ;)
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    Girl To "Sell" Virginity for $$$ For Grad School

    Wait wait...I got a GREAT idea! This site has 38,167 members... If we ALL chip in $1, then we would have $38,167... I think that would be enough to finally get ElStud laid!
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    Earrings on guys

    I have both my ears pierced. Didn't do it to get girls, did it cause I wanted to. Has it helped get girls? Who knows. Have I gotten compliments from them on how the diamond studs (the smaller ones, not the giant "I'm a rapper/gangster/basketball player" ones) looks damn good on me. Don't do...
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    need help from a persuasive person with possibly some retail experience.

    Tie the credit thing in with other promotions they have going on. Such as, if they have 20% of an item, let the customer know they will save even more with their credit card. The buyer protection plan can be great, depending what you are selling. "Hello ma'am, doing some shopping for the...
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    This one is for the white guys

    I'm white and my girlfriend is black. White girls do nothing for me and neither does this thread. Why in the f*ck was it started anyway?
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    anyone from Columbia MD?

    16 will get you 20. But yeah, I'm in the area too.
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    An almost complete list of where a lot of people are from...

    Just a heads up people...I'm no longer a moderator and don't run this thread. If you want to be added, just post your location in here, unless another moderator wants to do it.
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    Be on your best behavior.. I'm making a list

    I swear Backbreaker, if you ever get bored, you should be a carnival worker... "Step right up! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me show to you the BEST thing you will EVERY lay your eyes on! It's glorified, horrified, and whorified! Ladies, step away right now, Gentlemen, get as close up here as...
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    FR: Approached 4 girls at the mall today.

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Dude, if you are going to try and steal her, atleast ask her if she likes Arby's Olive Garden better. Show some class.
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    FR: Approached 4 girls at the mall today.

    Like hell... She's the girl that treats ME like the king. She'll suggest a cheaper resturant than an expensive place. When I take her somewhere nice, a week or two later, she's calling me telling me to be ready to go out and she'll take ME out to a nice place. If you want to generalize...
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    FR: Approached 4 girls at the mall today.

    I showed my girlfriend this thread and this was here reply...
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    WWE Star Chris Benoit and Family found dead in home!!

    We are keeping things up to date as best as possible on the wrestling site, but still a TON of information out there. So many ideas and theories. We all have to wait and see. Such a loss though.
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    Found my girl contacting her ex on Facebook!!!!!

    OH THANK GOD! Someone else finally gets it. William, are you planning on analyzing you gf's every move? "Oh man, she talked to the gas station attendant and they went to high school together...Better talk to her about that!"
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    Found my girl contacting her ex on Facebook!!!!!

    Exactly what I said. You were not suave, just stupid. HOW is it suave to tell a girl "oh, you should go and be with him" in a situation like that? I mean, if she cheated, yeah, go tell her that. But since you asked who it was and she replied, your reply/comeback was just...Well, stupid. It...
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    Found my girl contacting her ex on Facebook!!!!!

    That's not suave, that's just stupid.
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    FR: Laid a virgin asian HB8

    Last Man Standing, shut the f*ck up already. You think every girl is a hor. Guess what? That means your mom was a hor. Your grandma. Deal with it. Girls like sex. Just because you don't and you can't get some doesn't mean that the girls that put out are all hors. Yes, there are a lot of hors...
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    I took my girl's virginity

    When you see the same sh*t over and over about how people call one chick a slut for sleeping with one dude but not sleeping with them an instantly discrediting them, it gets old real fast.
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    I took my girl's virginity

    You got it right Babnik. When you act like a BOY, you get nothing. When you act like a MAN, you get whatever. You can only be a man by being mature, something a lot of people in this thread severely lack. If any of the guys on here posted this thread, they would want to be showered with...
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    I took my girl's virginity

    Seriously guys, what is with this stupid "all women aren't virgins, they are sl*ts" mentality that is going on here? Are you guys that stupid and were hurt because some chick wouldn't let you nail them that you think that all women are lying scum? Wake up and grow up. Congratulations DD again...