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    my girlfriend's school work

    MALE/ FEMALE I'm just goin to tell you just like your parents told you "if you do it FOR her she'll never learn"
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    What Would Happen If?

    DO it, it will make you look better in BOTH their eyes (jeaslouly), but fuggin wal mart com on MAN???
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    3 chicks one guy

    You say you have been reading/studying this forum and other works liek this but HAVE YOU??? And what the hell is the TITLE of this post about, your talking about ONE chick the whole post thru
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    i Think its over for me

    What in the HELL can a 16 year old VIRGIN do you for that an older (sexual) woman can’t? Why where you even being friends with a 15 year old? I think you may have deeper issues man And it’s been three mouths get a fuggin job you pedophile.
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    my gf kissed another guy

    If there was GOOD in this chick she WOULDN’T have had her fuggin lips on another guy. And I’m not really sure where you live or what idiot planet it’s on but I CANT handle a CHEATER, Standing FUGGIN Ovation For the love of GOD do NOT answer her calls or see her you WILL want to take...
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    Another update on the girl with a boyfriend...

    Obliviously you don’t because if you did you would have ALREADY fugged her If this statement where TRUE, you not only would have fvcked her BUT you wouldn’t be posting now would ya? An LTR can be a GREAT thing but I HOPE you don’t mean with this girl… Reason why: If you DO take...
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    Being disrespected hard by a girl

    So you would like it if the cute boys were after you?
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    Awkward situation for a mate

    ??? WHAT ???
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    sarcastic fighting

    This chick is just being playful (well maybe but read on) why do you think ****y and funny goes over so well, because it’s what GIRLS do to each other think about it and listen to how females interact with their “friends” you hear them calling each other “sluts” and saying “your such a *****” in...
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    I feel depressed/loney

    you have 400 plus posts, LEAVE THE HOUSE
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    my gf kissed another guy

    her giving her number out was the FIRST mistake
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    So i went out with her today...

    Ok FIRST listen to what everyone else said SECOND you skipped school with her and spent all day with her and didn’t get laid, may I ask WHY??
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    about girls telling guys to smile

    You have girls OPENING you and you wanna know if its a good thing???
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    online vs real life?

    No only that, but online people say things more freely Think about it when your online you say bold statements controversial ones that are all based on how you feel, but since there is less risk you can say them anyway. In the real world no one wants to get embarrassed or rejected so we keep...
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    Subject that NEEDS discussed

    If your at a stop light pick up your phone and wave it in the air, if she has any sence she give you or yell you her number and you can take it from there...
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    i need help

    If you did you wouldnt be asking for "advice"
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    Ok, so.. now what with this milf?

    Where did you come up with these idiot-ass answer choices??? What would you do with a younger woman, that fact that she's older do not make a difference
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    She does/say things to make an argument so she can be mad at me

    I aint read nuffin in this post but the title and first sentence, but just leave and find a better woman, are you afriad she the ONLY girl in the world. If you go outside you'll notice that god made a LOT of chicks and a lot of them are HOT
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    I need advise to keep her

    Number One: Start kisisng, touching, rubbing her first reason why is because most women need to feel loved and if you dont start it first she may think that you really dont "dig" her Number Two: I feel the easiet and BEST way to bond,get closer and just to plain HAVE FUN with a chick it to...
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    i need help

    She should have also added how she wants "a man - b i t c h to hold her purse and a wuss that will take her back after she cheats on him" I'm not even gonna reply with anything "good" because your post are too low and 9 times outta 10, you WONT listen