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    What Does a DJ Do When a Bitter Girl Keys Your Ride?

    If it was a guy, there would be a fight at the least...
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    Look too much like her ex-bf?

    Ill try to make this short. I was with a friend and he introduced me to his current fb and we were chillin at her house. I tell him to get some of her friends over here because im bored. So he tells her and she says her friend E is coming over, and that I look just like E's ex-bf. So she...
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    Internet chick and webcam..

    A dude with a 300 fetish
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    Talking to her BF on phone while I fvcking her!

    Some people have morals, and some just don't give a fvck or are oblivious that they are doing anything wrong. Ive seen both.
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    girl told you her exs are all black or was a black guy

    Around here we call that "Jungle Fever".
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    Inviting a girl to a friend's party as first date, bad idea ?

    Lol it makes for a good movie scene, but in real life, You'd probably get your ass beat up and kicked the fvck out of the party!
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    What do you rate her?

    Lol shes way out of my league, but hot none the less.
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    how to get over girl u keep seeing

    Just wait until one of your friends tries to get with her, seeing them flirt with each other and **** is ****ing annoying. Thats when I decided enough was enough, I haven't talked to her in 5+ months and I think no contact is the best way to get over it or it will tear you up. Worked for me..
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    What's Your Favorite Cologne Picks?

    Ditto on "Fierce" by Abercrombie, its the only thing I buy at that place lol.
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    Asking to Prom

    Hear me out on this one, Prom is in no way guaranteed *****. I was left in the dust and went home after prom because my chick went to some dudes' party and of course I wasn't invited.
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    The Friend Situation

    There comes a time where you need to say enough is enough, I too was a pawn for an attention ***** for 2 miserable years. Then I found sosuave and realized how much she was exploiting me, it was a sick game on her part. I basically ended it by calling her out on it and now I dont speak to her...
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    Warning about parties

    This is why id never have a party at my house.....ever. To much **** can be stolen
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    Warning about parties

    Thats ****ing owned! You got st8 up jacked!!!
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    Can you get a STD from licking pu$sy?

    Mabey not in Canada
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    When did you realize......

    Next time come out in your boxers with a 12 gauge and tell them bolth to get the fvck out. Sorry for asking, but what happened the morning after?
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    Valentine's Day is Great if......

    Lol although im glad, I feel left out because I dont have anybody to be my valentine. You get the good feeling from being like "yea im not needy AFC that throws gifts at women to hopefully get laid" but at the same time im like wow ive got jack **** to do on Saturday night!
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    Whats your favorite condom?

    lol Lifestyles were at the 99 cent store for a 12 pack, after that I will never look at those the same.
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    Argh, I have trouble smiling!

    I remember a similar post where someone said to think while looking at the girl, "I want to fuvk you in the ass like you owe me money" it works, but im not taking any props for it