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  1. RBK

    Something really wrong with women in 2024...

    Well, I'm in the 5% of fitness wise for men my age. I lift, workout and train 5-6 days a week. Income over $150k+ a year, own several rental properties and manage a business. I mentor young men in a group, and donate time/funds to the local animal shelter. I read a lot of books on...
  2. RBK

    Something really wrong with women in 2024...

    And your first post is assuming there's something wrong with my looks/physical stature as a reply? Which you should know looks are maybe 20% of the equation for a man.
  3. RBK

    Something really wrong with women in 2024...

    Hair is ok, little thinning on top. I refuse to use Finasteride dude to sides unfortunately.
  4. RBK

    Something really wrong with women in 2024...

    lmao ok bro, go comment more about how texting should only be for logisitics on every post. Have no issues pulling 21 year olds at 40. My post gathered around the rediculous attitude they bring and sense of entitlement for little offer besides looks.
  5. RBK

    One possible reason high interest women suddenly ghost/flake on you for no reason...

    That group exists here, I met a girl that found her ex on that site. Wild stuff. Imagine men had a group like that basically asking for a womans Carfax. Double standards.
  6. RBK

    Are the og DJ classics partly outdated when they say to use texting only for setting up dates?

    Agreed. All these bros on here "TEXTING IS SIMPING, LOGISTICS ONLY BRO" lmao, good luck with that. You have to have some sort of back and forth leading up and post or welcome to ghostville.
  7. RBK

    Patience or Pipe Dream?

    "Watch what they do, not what they say"
  8. RBK

    Something really wrong with women in 2024...

    OK, older guy checking in. I'm fit, relatively handsome (I think) and financially secure... The amount of entitlement from women 24-34 is absolutely insane. The flakes, lack of replies back or ANY work women have to do while dating (which is solely the response of a message) is insane...
  9. RBK

    I want to have a MFF threesome but there are literally no threads about this topic

    i’ve had over 30. All really need is a pretty girlfriend who likes other women. Key is to never make your girlfriend feel unnoticed or neglected during the act or you’re screwed. When it comes time to look for another woman, the girl should be doing the hunting not you.
  10. RBK

    Hair Thinning… Transplant? Finesteride?

    Well.. as i knock on the door of 40 ive noticed the top of my head really starting to thin. Ive tried keeps shampoo and conditioner but its not really helping. Options: 1. Shave it. (My head shape isnt great and im pale) 2. Finesteride (Side effects can be ugly.) 3. Hair Transplant FUT vs FUE...
  11. RBK

    At what point does money become irrelevant?

    More money you make the more/expensive stuff you buy. Keep your bills low. I know families making 350k+ a year and are broke because they overspend. My goal at 45 is to have enough assets that pay for my debts.
  12. RBK

    Changes in Online Dating

    Because all the cute 5”0-5”4 girls date the 6ft+ dudes
  13. RBK

    Bumble, Tinder, Hinge & dating apps are destroying America

    95% of women on dating apps are sub 6/10 and trash. Been ran through by everyone.
  14. RBK

    If you haven't excelled in life by age 32, it's pretty much over.

    Id say 90% of men your age don’t have $30k in the bank.
  15. RBK

    Old deleted RP sites

    All the heartise stuff is amazing.
  16. RBK

    Dating Viability for Men in their 40s

    Im 39, I rarely see ANY good looking women my age let alone in there 40s and I frequent gyms. These women are all out of shape.
  17. RBK

    Date backup plans

    Girl says she has flu this is a preemptive flake its coming. Save face and ditch her now.
  18. RBK

    No sex yet after 5 dates

    26 and five dates no sex? Your paddling hard into the friend zone territory. Ive banged 21 year olds that night.
  19. RBK

    Will a Rolex Get You Laid? Will a Rolex Help You Get a Longer Term Girlfriend?

    Even steel subs are 15k now, but again i think youre overselling how much girls notice. They cant tell the difference between a gold michael kors watch for $350 and a gold day date for $40k
  20. RBK

    Will a Rolex Get You Laid? Will a Rolex Help You Get a Longer Term Girlfriend?

    I mean, wearing a $40k watch makes you feel good but 95% of people have no idea. Have to watch for thieves etc as well. Its like a nice car, women don’t know the difference between a 4 series bmw and an m3