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  1. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    Yeah, I took high doses of boron and stinging nettle root for months and it didn't change anything. I looked into SHBG lowering drugs, it's not something i'm familar with, but I did look into taking Proviron. While proviron isn't directly antagonistic to SHBG, it blocks binding (in the same way...
  2. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    I've tried to push GPs for an endocrinologist referral numerous times but they just won't do it because my blood panels always check out. It's been my experience that you always need referrals to see specialists of any kind - it's highly irritating. A silver lining to the possibility of this...
  3. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    So be it, maybe I need more E too, I have zero emotions. I'm just gonna run with it and adjust as needed. If I have subjective or physical signs of high E i'll take an antagonist/blocker and switch to something else. No harm in a 3-5 weeks of Test for a trial run.
  4. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    Yup, I'm tired of trying to be super precise and careful about decisions like these. Even when you work with clinicians, ultimately everything you do is based on how you feel, whether it's TRT or prescription drugs like antidepressants. I know my body well enough to know what benefits me and...
  5. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    I don't know what the issue is though - I went off the bloodwork and tried to lower prolactin and SHBG, and it did nothing. Could be that my effective Test levels are so low that I'd benefit from directly raising total T - at this point, I'm going to go off subjective feeling first, because i've...
  6. FlexpertHamilton

    Guys who hit their stride with women, dating, and game after 30, what is your story?

    Nothing changed. I have no idea why it got easier. Same thing happened with a friend. My theory: Women like older men more than younger men, but only if they meet certain criteria. In other words, the top tier men will always around 30-45, even though men in this age group will be less...
  7. FlexpertHamilton

    What exactly makes a woman a "cougar"?

    Cougars = older women that older men do not want
  8. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    I will look into that, I thought i'd keep it simple to start out. I will check out lef.org. Yeah I'm doing doses on Wed & Sun High total T but lowish bioavailable T and lowish free T Not a prescription, completely of my own volition Zero intention to ever have kids, if it makes me infertile...
  9. FlexpertHamilton

    Starting a TRT regimen

    I'm taking 150mg testosterone enanthate twice weekly and 400iu HCG 2-3x weekly. Will incorporate anti-E drugs if needed later on. I'm on my 2nd week, 4 doses so far. Also on 2 weeks nofap. I noticed a huge spike in my libido for a couple days at the end of the first week, but seems to have...
  10. FlexpertHamilton

    Anyone is using ashwaganda here?

    https://examine.com/supplements/ashwagandha/ Use KSM-66 or Sensoril. I prefer the former. Personally I find korean red ginseng/panax ginseng more effective than ash, though.
  11. FlexpertHamilton

    Men with Naturally High Testosterone Levels

    I believe the best indicator of high testosterone is libido. This is not something I can directly observe with majority of the men I interact with, but I see it with my close friends and can get a sense of it from men in general. High libido = high dopamine = high test Black men have naturally...
  12. FlexpertHamilton

    G/F (of sorts) makes request to wear condom

    As a good rule of thumb, if a women suddenly changes her behavior/routines out of the blue for no apparent reason, it's either cheating or gaslighting, and if she's BPD that increases the odds to nearly 100% that it's one, or both of those. All that said, I have noticed that most women nowadays...
  13. FlexpertHamilton

    Libido Report Pt II - Help!

    Exercise, sleep, diet, and meditation are all obvious solutions. For me, zone 2 cardio, HIIT sprints, wilderness hikes, and motorcycle riding are the most enjoyable and effective ways to deal with stress. Supplements are another option. Ashwagandha has numerous high quality studies indicating...
  14. FlexpertHamilton

    Is male depression mostly linked to lack of female companionship?

    This is the elephant in the room. No one seems to care or even acknowledge it.
  15. FlexpertHamilton

    Is male depression mostly linked to lack of female companionship?

    Don't tell them your relationship history. Just lie, or avoid answering. You can still catch up. I was a late bloomer myself, I didn't lose my virginity until I was 21, and took me a few more years just to get a couple more notches, though I know by some accounts that's not considered late.
  16. FlexpertHamilton

    Is male depression mostly linked to lack of female companionship?

    My older group of friends from high school have been in LTRs/marriage (which they hold over me and act like I'm not qualified to give them advice since I've never been in a super long relationship) - but here's the kicker is: their GFs were all fat/ugly/had kids AND I doubt they wear the pants...
  17. FlexpertHamilton

    Is male depression mostly linked to lack of female companionship?

    The only men who are depressed from being single are men who think women can be all-in-one solutions to all their problems. For instance, if they don't have close friends, they might try to get a GF/wife that's also functions as their "best friend", or maybe they don't have a focus/drive in...
  18. FlexpertHamilton

    Stopping Porn

    "Just stop doing it" - wow bro, who knew that's all it takes - you may have just solved the opiate epidemic too! Your statement is the most definitive and common example of reductio ad absurdum, and a poorly thought out response. If it was that simple, addictions wouldn't exist.
  19. FlexpertHamilton

    An amusing silver lining to flakes...

    I myself ended up flaking on them before they came over, my libido is fvcking dead in the winter months (plus, they were only mid so I just couldn't bother). Would we have smashed? In my experience women who come over on 1st date has well over 50% chance of a lay, and I suspect it'd be higher in...
  20. FlexpertHamilton

    An amusing silver lining to flakes...

    Here I am thinking they're concerned about safety but meanwhile they're trying to scope me out. Why don't more women agree to just come straight to a mans house for a first meet then? Anyway, joke is on her...I'm only looking to smash anyway. My apartment is halfway decent but meh, I'm a...