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    Emotional eating weight gain

    My comments were for the original poster and it is boarish how you kids call others names here. i personally believe crackers and biscuits and white flour products are not healthy. But it is boring how everything in the forum becomes and argument and a fraternity kid calling names at others at...
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    International Travel Photographs in womens dating profiles

    Haha I met this one that was like Yeah I’m moving to Spain this summer She suggested i go with, and it was our first date i think it has more to do about money. Somebody else is fitting the bill on these vacations recently i met another Travel Girl and we were talking about rents in the city...
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    International Travel Photographs in womens dating profiles

    Exactly if you question them about their little traveling habits they become defensive these traveling girls also use it as a way to throw a wrench in your date i only date guys whoTravel a lot!” These women have no plans to settle down and nest like a female
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    Emotional eating weight gain

    Hello i read this and my thoughts are this it sounds more like Carbohydrate Addiction, crackers, cookies, biscuits Those are pure carbs when i freaked out like you about Commie food shortages, i loaded up on canned tuna, sardines, olives, all low carb to no carb foods You guys will fight this...
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    Protein Powder

    How much per day should i be losing? I am logging 1/3 pound per day, Bro also, even in a low carb diet i still consume a good amount of (natural) protein like meats and fish or eggs. Ever heard of Neo Glucogenesis or some medical term like that? It’s when the body converts protein into Carbs...
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    Effects of Sex and the City

    The sex and the city house is a tourist attraction. It is located in Manhattan on perry street, which is a leafy and monied street in the neighborhood of West Village. The house is an attraction but someone lives there now. People still line up outside to have their photos taken at the entrance...
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    Taking supplements for weight loss.

    I heard berberine is for type 2 diabetics have you heard the new craze are Ozempic and other injections that help with weight loss? Those are also for type 2’s and weight loss my guess is we are only beginning to hear of side effects from Ozempic. These pharmaceutical companies use people to...
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    Eliminate your weakness.

    I have a 100 Point Warning for speaking too base. Plenty snowflakes are over in the Protein Powder topic.
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    Protein Powder

    Listen to you..
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    Protein Powder

    I am not a bro type in the gym I am not a college kid in a fraternity house i do not use deodorant, i use baking soda. And i take showers daily i do not take Tylenol. if it was that important i would find a Willow tree and go out there and start knawling off the bark with my bare teeth and...
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    Who sees escorts?

    I lack knowledge about escorts. A while back i tried finding one online and it was a total headache trying to figure out what was a scam and what wasn’t. some of the ads were asking over $1k per hour. There’s so much about the escort world that i am clueless about for some reason it is...
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    Observation of Girls with small boobs

    I like them both together to be the size of my hand One handful or less
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    I have not used any steroids and try my best to be all natural with diet and medicine. I’m 25 pounds overweight in the mid section and once that trims down to a flat stomach I am good. but recently i began reading about testosterone so it is not out of the question in the future. just reading...
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    Protein Powder

    No i do not use drugs at all except drinks. the choice is yours: keep up with your protein powders (which are gay) yes the powders are gay. You might as well take a canister of Whey to a gay club and you would probably be quite popular. and disgusting Or switch over to raw Eggs which are...
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    Alcohol, game

    Alcohol game is a natural way of life for those with a dark and twisty past it takes experience and a certain finesse If you cannot embrace being irresponsible it’s probably never going to be your cup of tea but i will tell you one thing: every woman likes being irresponsible at least every...
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    Expensive wine questions.

    I have not drank wine since learning here about the mice and caterpillars Disgusting!
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    Expensive wine questions.

    So you are saying open a bottle of red and let the thing sit a few days like that just without the cork in what way does it improve after a few days of being left open? Yeah i always dr it the second a bottle is opened cool tip, thanks
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    International Travel Photographs in womens dating profiles

    I swipe left on those now I’m so sick of seeing these travel photos. If 4/5 of her photos are all International Travels, I swipe left instantly I dont gaf how hot she might look. are we going to be having our first date riding mopeds in Morocco, or doing selfies from a donkey ride in some...
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    Protein Powder

    Maybe it is because i was born and raised in Australia. We eat more natural foods over there. in the USA more people eat chemicals. If you tell them Maybe the chemicals are not such a good idea they lose their bananas and defend the lab foodstuffs protein powder is not edible.
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    Walking - one of the most underrated tools for weight loss

    Well, a benefit of fats is that it curbs food cravings. If you are on a True low carb diet, that means you have been eating around 30 carbs Per Day for a while WITHOUT any cheat days. Now, for any non diabetics you are certain to be scoffing at this but let me tell you, you are NOT doing a low...