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  1. Scars

    My marriage is changing .. since the open relationship affair my wife had..

    So you let this woman cuck you because you have a kid together? You should have left a long time ago.
  2. Scars

    The Most Epic Pick-Up Line

    I've abused the zodiac stuff for many years. Less so now, as I've become a Christian. But it's a good way to steer the conversation in any direction you like. I used to just make up stuff and almost be a troll about it. "Oh, you're a Scorpio? I hear they're always horny." etc.. it's good in the...
  3. Scars

    Would you rather be UGLY sexy or Handsome Not Sexy

    You can change your body fat, you can't change your bone structure.
  4. Scars

    Lessons from 18 years in the field

    Good advice here. As a man who is about to turn 34.. I can vouch for all this. Youngsters listen up.
  5. Scars

    What Are The Green Flags You Look For In A Keeper?

    *Sigh* You just don't get it.
  6. Scars

    What Are The Green Flags You Look For In A Keeper?

    No nutting can give some men the energy and confidence to go out into the real world and actually interact with REAL women that they normally wouldn't otherwise have. This is why I practice it and recommend it. When you make it a goal to never masturbate and only release your seed during sex...
  7. Scars

    Queerness: The new frontier!

    Nothing about homosexuality is "natural".
  8. Scars

    Queerness: The new frontier!

    No way in **** I am reading this. I skimmed a bit and saw "I wear dresses". You probably got the vaccine and all 5 boosters. You're brainwashed, and drank the kool-aid. The elites at the top are satanic freemasons, and they love inversion. Look at Baphomet. The whole rainbow community is a...
  9. Scars

    Rational Women?

    No such thing.
  10. Scars

    Cheating 'ho begs her man to take her back

    Acting like an absolute child.. sadly, I'm sure this has probably worked for her before.
  11. Scars

    On Threesomes

    Don't do 3somes with your GF. It's only a matter of time before she wants to bring in another dude, or open up the relationship. I've seen it time and time again. Threesomes are a lot easier to negotiate when you've already slept with one of the girls previously, or even better, both of them...
  12. Scars

    Millions of men vs a few red pillers

    I'd be willing to bet almost all these women have some sort of mental disorder or traumatic event that happened to them. That's definitely not normal. I'm sure some even get off on the idea of a man being that helpless and dependent on them.
  13. Scars

    Quitting Por*

    Keep doing no fap. Even if you fail, just aim to make your streak longer each time. Unfollow models and any girls on social media that aren't following you back. If certain girls are triggering you that you still want to remain friends with, then mute them. Be honest with yourself and your...
  14. Scars

    Do you find it effective to purposely withhold sex?

    Yes, but only on women you've already slept with before. Women control the power before sex. Men control the power after. After she has sex with you, it's her JOB to keep you. Making her wait shows her that you aren't "tempted by the flesh", and that she's going to have to do more than just...
  15. Scars

    Girls coming back

    Recreational use only.
  16. Scars

    Millions of men vs a few red pillers

    Precisely why I put it off for so long. Right now I'm just a money hustling lone wolf. I'm probably just bored of routine and this is just a phase. Who knows if I'll actually follow through with it. Ultimately, once the circle gets going, I'd pass it off to someone else to manage it for me...
  17. Scars

    Millions of men vs a few red pillers

    It's definitely the hardest to obtain, for sure. Out of all 3, status is probably where I struggle the most. I'm not a social retard or autistic, I just find interacting with people extremely draining. As you put it, feels like you're "selling your soul". In 2024 I want to change that though...
  18. Scars

    Millions of men vs a few red pillers

    I think debating over which one is more important is probably a waste of both of our times.. men should just strive to have the Holy trinity of all 3. I agree that money is an amplifier. A wealthy man with good looks and a strong social circle is a deadly combo.
  19. Scars

    Millions of men vs a few red pillers

    While I agree that having 6 figures and a nice car is better than being a local tattoo artist, we are looking at it from the male lens, not the female lens. Females don't care about money as much as these gurus make you believe. What we value and what we think women actually want is often times...