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    YES! My dark under eye circles are almost gone!

    I've still got the problem, and so far nothing has helped. I even started using Nasonex about a couple months ago, and while my sinuses are quite a bit better, the dark circles still remain. Unfortunately, dark circles can be caused by plain genetics and aging. As you get older the skin under...
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    good dumbbell exercises for a nice muscular back?

    hehe whoops, wrong forum..:o can a mod move this?
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    good dumbbell exercises for a nice muscular back?

    What are some good dumbbell exercises to get a nice looking back?
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    Empericial Proof That Chicks Don't Want Nice Guys

    You should write Bud Lite commercials.
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    My Face Is Numb From Laughing So Hard

    Who the hell doesn't have an undergrad degree these days? The stuff you can get away with not knowing and still graduate from college is absurd. And yeah, democrats as a whole tend to have higher educations than republicans. Not to mention these statistics will always of course take into...
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    The Wisdom of Mr. Miyagi...

    Sweep the leg, Johnny, SWEEP THE LEG!!
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    girlfriend says she's not interested anymore

    If this is the way she's been feeling, some "grand romantic gesture" (been watching Arrested Development lately, lol) isn't going to change her mind. The second girl you talked to is right.....making her miss you more is the only chance you've got. Other than that it's probably over dude.
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    Here's how I see it: 2 ways to get laid .. which would you choose?

    Yeah, everybody who gets laid is either an internet porn actor or a rock star. What a retarded post.
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    Girl Asks If I Enjoyed Time With Her

    say "Yeah, of course......wait...which one are you again? Oh.....no not really."
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    Understanding Fear

    I hate simple-minded theists. Piss off, sh-tforbrains. I'll continue living for this life, you go on living for a future afterlife that's in your head.
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    Keys to the VIP

    That was classic. :crackup:
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    So i went out with a crazy girl last night

    ahh, romance is in the air....
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    European Women

    French girls.......yummmmmm.
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    What is a virgin?

    Oral sex is sex. Virginity is never having had sex. Therefore, having oral sex means you've lost your virginity.
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    Bars are Boring

    meh, not really. If going to a bar alone sucks for you, it'll suck whether you've had one drink or ten. I myself don't like going to bars alone. I'm not good at meeting people and it always sucks just sitting there by myself, I feel like a frickin loser.
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    stinky apartment?

    My place is always neat and tidy. However it's known to stink like hell though, lol. It's difficult to air the place out especially depending on the weather and whether I want to open the windows. And if I have a case of the farts......just don't come over.
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    Is sex still "sacred to you"

    I thought horny makes you sex?
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    The official Acne thread [Merged threads]

    Except that accutane is a really serious drug that you don't want to use except as a last resort. It can mess with your liver, leave your skin bone-dry for months, and permanently affect your night vision. Who knows what the really long term side effects are, too. Only use accutane as a last...
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    home depot scam

    That's happened to me four or five times. Except it was always two guys, so on top of being traumatic it also left me very confused and questioning my own sexuality. Who knew a trip to Home Depot could have such a profound impact on one's life.
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    My Looks Turned Me Into An Afc

    Somewhere out there, there's an ugly guy who can't get laid who says to you, "shut the f*ck up".