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    Nuclear War

    Any girl who wants to get married, move in, and have children within 2.5 months of meeting you... is unstable and cannot be trusted for a LTR She can never be more than a f*ck buddy now Sorry for your loss mate
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    We neglect the importance of sex

    It's kind of ironic you say the importance of sex is neglected, but then say that it's more important than being a charming, likable person. Perhaps the problem is that you over value sex
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    How to handle "Give me your number instead"

    If ice cream was hard to get, would you obsess over it as well?
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    How to handle "Give me your number instead"

    Getting laid is like eating icecream. Do you have a "game" plan for eating icecream?
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    Is being clean cut looking a hindrance?

    It's ironic because you'd think, in the adult world, a man who caters his very style and personality to have the best chance of impressing girls would need to grow up
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    Is being clean cut looking a hindrance?

    A better analogy would be going to a job interview desperate for attention and validation
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    Is being clean cut looking a hindrance?

    You've got to ask yourself why 1) you're dressing to impress girls and 2) posting about it online It seems you're desperate for their attention and validation In which case, your over reaction is not surprising
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    Phrases that make you look weak in her eyes and that you should avoid

    It's not about what you say, it's about how you say it. How you say things is a much better indicator of your personality and confidence level Anyone who memorizes lists of what to say, probably needs to take a good hard look at how they're saying... everything...
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    how to lay a "good girl"?

    Only one way to find out.... Step up, take control and escalate
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    Should married men spin plates?

    Cheating just opens the door for more penalties during divorce, not to mention its a scumbag thing to do Better to not get married in the first place
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    Should I go to university aged 27?

    Kind of confused, you seem to realize university is the right choice... but you're not sure if you should go because you might be too old to party? ??
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    She's not my type

    OP I read your detailed essay and while it was interesting... You care entirely too much Regardless of whether she's worth pursuing, your desperation for validation and attention is holding you back and actually driving her interest down
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    Chances of Accidentally Texting Wrong Person??

    I think the better question here is what is your underlying motive for caring?
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    True Hatred of Women - What's Going on?

    A fox on Sosuave will go to great lengths to distinguish men and women as different kinds of grapes
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    How to handle "Give me your number instead"

    Oops I meant outcome independent, not sure if that's how you read it I would argue whatever stage you're at you take girls too seriously. You mention dignity, but apparently sacrifice being friendly in order to game girls
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    How to handle "Give me your number instead"

    Refusing to give your number or making a problem out of it is weak behavior You're saying that women are not sexually attracted to guys who give out their number to justify protecting your ego. If you were outcome dependent, you wouldn't care either way and would give your number... because...
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    Can it be too late to set boundaries?

    Its never too late to retract your attention or leave That's how you set boundaries. By being 100% willing to walk away. Always. Problem is most guys are too afraid and insecure to pull this off Tell her once when she disrespects you, if she continues... later. No arguing, no debating...
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    Trying to get this Cougar who is seeing someone

    Not sure what the point of this is. Your text game in this test of yours is bad, but it's just a test and you don't care or something? But... why? What's the point? I don't get it
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    Back on the market. Packing more muscle. Going out is a different experience.

    I'm going to bet the girl and everyone else there thought you were some desperate try hard with something to prove. It's not so much that what you said was inappropriate, but that you were so desperate to win her over that you resorted to saying it. Take it easy with the over the top pick up...
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    How to handle "Give me your number instead"

    The first option is actually the best. Don't make an issue out of it. If she calls cool, if not oh well The other options just show that you place too much value on her and the outcome