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    My MAJOR sticking point

    I'm not going to claim that I'm some demi-god of cold approaches, but I'll tell you something I learned in my first job out of high school as a door to door salesman that's proven to work for me. S:smile (it lets people know you're friendly and are harboring no intention to kill them in the...
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    WTF, THIS is college?

    I'm not going to say that I'm in the same situation and know exactly what you're feeling like, although you and I have at least one striking similarity. We're roughly the same age, but I'm in the Marine Corps, surrounded by a whole bunch of 18 and 19yos just like you probably are in your second...
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    What you would have done differently in college

    I would've stayed and finished, but you're about to do that anyway... I've done college, real-world, and I'm currently Military. The real world is nothing to be afraid of. If anything it proffers you the greatest chance to live your own life and succeed on your own terms. Don't focus on how...
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    No kiss close on first date good or bad?

    I'm not flaming you, but that's like asking whether dry-humping with your clothes on is the same thing as vaginal intercourse.
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    "Are you attracted to me?"

    If you asked her out, it should be obvious, so the best way to do it is to laugh it off. In the past, I've said this: g: "Are you attracted to me?" C: (Laughing) "Well, I was when I asked you out, but that was before I realized you were so needy." Change subject.
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    I messed up....bad

    Why would you be exclusive after only 4 dates?
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    I am so fycking unbelievably pissed off right now...

    Hey Captain... I'm here for you, man. ;)
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    Going drinking with a girl on Monday!

    You're taking advantage because you're premeditating date rape. All I'm going to say is this, if you think you need to get her lit for her to ingest your pet iguana, you're rediculously insecure. If your girl is underage she should be easy game anyway. Happening to be drunk while you're...
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    I am so fycking unbelievably pissed off right now...

    First, you're an idiot for giving him an incentive to betray you. Second, high school being what it is, your shot with the girl is over. Third, the name of the game now is retribution. I'll put it this way. Some times a guy just needs to get his @$$ kicked. Period. Just remember You don't...
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    help, im struggling with this incident

    Simple question: Is the satisfaction of losing your virginity going to offset the guilt you'll feel because you think you're taking advantage of her?
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    How can I go about turning my ex gf into a fvck buddy?

    I'm going to pause and think about exactly what's the worst that could happen... I'm noticing a decided tendency in your postings gravitating towards the "I". Not that I'm saying it's wrong to selfishly look after your own needs, but it proves that you're not thinking this through entirely...
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    How much do you drink?

    Depends on my mood. I'm a Marine. If I'm drinking and my drinks aren't so stiff they're standing at attention, that's a no-go. Exceptions are made when I'm the DD and need to see some buddies home, I won't drink usually. If I'm DD AND socially required to be drinking, then I'll have three drinks...
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    The Myth Of Sisyphus.

    I completely disagree. The ultimate goal of our striving is achievement, not the striving itself. To adopt a paradigm where failure is not only expected, but glorified is the kiss of death.
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    Where to meet girls?

    Females make up over half the world's population. They're literally everywhere. Meet them where you find them.
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    Girl's on her game...how to stick to mine?

    Interesting thing about being focused on one girl. Why is it that so many people, when they're focusing on someone seem to assume that they're spending just as much time and emotional energy focusing on them? She might be, I doubt it, but either way it doesn't matter. Look, I'm not going to...
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    Your ****y

    Tell her you resent being called that. Tons of guys are ****y. ****iness is when you're confident for it's own sake or because you don't know any better. If you were ****y, you may or may not be worth it. Since, as you both know you're better than 90% of the guys out there, when you say you're...
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    From emo/nice guy to jerk and finally to a sociopath

    I wouldn't be proud. You've still a long way to becoming the self-actualized male. Your antipathy towards women is the hallmark of your self-loathing caused by the 'one-itis' who rejected you. You hated feeling that way, so now when you feel a tendency towards anything that 'poor pathetic AFC'...
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    How to attract women - by a sociopath

    Two quick points that are just screaming at me... 1) While there is no substitute for experience, the reason we tell newbies (such as yourself) to read the DJ bible is so that they understand the theory and can then put into practice; i.e. knowing what they're doing before they attempt to do...
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    I've asked, but no answer

    You're an idiot. Cowards use text messages, and become easily disheartened when things don't go their way. Call her up. Keep it short. Confirm your plans. Do it for no other reason than that you obviously need the practice.
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    how does one go about passionate romantic sex?

    Romance is all about the moment. You and Her. If you enjoy the moment you'll try to make it last as long as possible and make it as special as possible. You don't have to do loads of prep-work (although I've gotten a little extra appreciation when I do), but if you do, maintain that element of...