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    When a woman breaks up with you....

    There’s no one else .. I’m going through family issues. I just need to be alone for awhile. It’s not you, it’s the situation. Fake break ups are the best, had a few of those.. I’ve learnt to call their bluff and walk and go silent. That really pisses them off. Not as much as fake break up...
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    Dating bio success tips?

    So, I'm gonna get back on the dating apps. I've heard good (ish) things about Hinge? thoughts from experience? I'm a little rusty. Recently single. You guys have any tips/links writing a reasonably solid bio?
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    Need some advice dating single mother

    Been there.. and I can tell you, it’s absolutely a bad idea. Walk now away before you catch feelings. All of the above reasons Rich Cooper mentioned. But another very big one that people usually fail to mention - The ex.. the kid’s father!! These women usually secretly hold a candle for the...
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    ex GF's mother STILL contacts me

    "The main question then only remains if you can respect her after having had all of you, having her mother plugging you openly and telling her she got a great man, still straying,still "wanting more", and only coming back after another string of multiple pumps and dumps and failed flings(never...
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    ex GF's mother STILL contacts me

    Thanks for your replies My thoughts exactly.. could be literally any of the above.
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    ex GF's mother STILL contacts me

    Hey guys I would like your thoughts on this one. Me and my ex broke up a long time ago .. 2 maybe even 3 years ago now? It was a long distance relationship (I know) and we were planning to get married.. but, the expected problems began to arise and we parted ways. She basically went cold on...