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  1. Young OG

    Girl seeing a guy long distance

    Pursue her just like you normally would. Don’t bring him up and don’t even worry about him.
  2. Young OG

    Paying for Dating Sites

    Paying won’t help you get better results
  3. Young OG

    Upcoming Coffee Date

    No offense but you sound like a woman here. Does she pass the boner test? Thats what matters. Women care about chemistry and connection.
  4. Young OG

    Drug discussion general thread

    Drugs effect everyone differently
  5. Young OG

    Drug discussion general thread

    I’ve done weed, coke, LSD, OxyContin, Percocet, Lean, etc. I regret all of it. I haven’t done anything but weed for years now but I wish I would have never even tried weed. Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that drugs will only ruin your life. Drugs make you happy with being mediocre. The people...
  6. Young OG

    Would you rather have a million dollars deposited in your bank account or a time machine back to any point in your past?

    Tough one. I would probably take the million but it’s tempting to go back and stop myself from trying weed when I was 15. If I would have never tried it, my life would have went in a totally different direction.
  7. Young OG

    Thinking about getting into cybersecurity

    True. These are all stackable. I did get my Security + without the other two but I already work in IT so I had a good understanding. He would need all 3 since he zero experience for sure.
  8. Young OG

    Thinking about getting into cybersecurity

    OP, you will need to either get a degree or certifications or both. Since you don’t have any IT experience, I would suggest checking out the CompTIA A+. If you can get through that then next would be Network+ and then Security+. This site has free training videos for all 3 certifications...
  9. Young OG

    Are the og DJ classics partly outdated when they say to use texting only for setting up dates?

    It is outdated advice. I’ve experimented with both ways. When I only text to set up the date, I got nothing but flakes. When I started texting multiple times leading up to the date, the flakes stopped. You need to find a good medium. You don’t want to text too little and you don’t want to text...
  10. Young OG

    Do you guys use protection?

    I have a vasectomy so I only wear a condom if the girl seems like a hoe. It’s usually not hard to figure that out by how the girl looks and acts. I also don’t pull out.
  11. Young OG

    Popular things that you find overrated and underrated

    Uber Eats, DoorDash etc. All they do is create more lazy people. Go pick up your own food! I don’t even get pizza delivered. You save so much money by not having to tip and pay a delivery fee.
  12. Young OG

    Girl went from obsessing to unfriending

    Sounds like she just wanted attention
  13. Young OG

    Blondes vs Brunettes, anyone else notice differences? (White Girls)

    Blondes aren’t my thing. If one falls in my lap, then I’ll smash but I’m not going to go crazy over one. I prefer women with dark hair
  14. Young OG

    Blondes vs Brunettes, anyone else notice differences? (White Girls)

    You guys can have your entitled brat white girls. I’ll stick to Latinas and Asian women.
  15. Young OG

    Aaron Clarey: Short Men Must Go Overseas

    I’m sure if I was 6’2 but the same face then I would probably be considered a Chad and I would be banging a lot of women. I have an above average face which helps.
  16. Young OG

    Aaron Clarey: Short Men Must Go Overseas

    I’ve banged all kinds of varieties. Most were not fat. My current gf is Asian. I’ve noticed that Asian and Latina women seem to care about height less then white women do.
  17. Young OG

    Aaron Clarey: Short Men Must Go Overseas

    Sigh. Another thread about height. I’m barely 5’4” and I’ve banged more women than most of my friends. My current gf is taller then me and my last gf was taller then me. Short men can get women.
  18. Young OG

    Tired of waiting

    She wouldn’t have made Jason Statham wait. She needs to put out or you move on.
  19. Young OG

    Matthew Perry died lonely and longing for a wife and a family, even keen to have stepchildren

    He had money and fame but he was a beta male when it came to women. I feel bad for the guy. If you have ever been addicted to alcohol or drugs then you know how hard it is to give it up. People that haven’t will never fully understand. He was using pretty much his entire adult life. Using became...
  20. Young OG

    No sex in relationship

    That’s why frame is important. You can’t be a beta or turn into one.