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    Portfolio Management Question

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Using Negs

    I'm 62.
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    Questions women commonly ask men

    I haven't had much experience with women, and am wondering: What questions do women commonly ask men? I want to prepare answers for these common questions ahead of time.
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    DHV, DLV, or neither

    Is playing chess considered a DHV, DLV, or neither?
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    DHV from being in the military

    I have a few questions that I am curious about: 1. How much of a DHV did it seem when you were in the military? 2. How much of a DHV does it seem to be ex-military? 3. As far as DHVs go, do you think your branch, rank, or awards earned mattered to women?
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    My brother made around a 30% ROI on his investments in the past year

    How do his results stack against others' results?
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    Fingerprint can be reproduced via swiping sound and used to attack biometric security

    This is why in situations where people are identified by their fingerprints, they would be better identified by the irises of their eyes. Like fingerprints, everyone's irises are unique!
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    What brands for men are most recognizable as top brands by women?

    Replica watches versus homage watches: which do you buy?
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    Using Negs

    Do you guys use negs with women? I haven't tried that, but heard about them from some of Mystery's material. How effective or ineffective have they been in your experience?
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    Portfolio Management Question

    These are actual questions.
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    Portfolio Management Question

    How much money in US dollars should I have in the stock market before I quit my job and manage my portfolio full time?
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    Should I not become a rabbi because I love casual sex?

    It isn't kosher for a Jew to pray to Jesus. Also, why would I? I don't believe he was: God, the Messiah, or the son of God.
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    How many neckties do each of you own?

    I collect them. When I see a cool one at a good price I buy it. How many is too many? So far I have around 50.
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    I have an 1100 rating in chess and want to improve

    What chess books would you recommend that I read next?
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    Wingman in the Netherlands or Germany

    Yes, I want to vacation and hook up with women.
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    I'm thinking about buying a new watch

    I just asked one of my friends, he thinks a black leather cuff steampunk wristwatch is cool.
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    I'm thinking about buying a new watch

    Which is cooler: a leather cuff steampunk wristwatch, or a wood watch?
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    Wingman in the Netherlands or Germany

    I will be traveling to the Netherlands and Germany sometime in the next year and am wondering if anyone wants to be my wingman in either country. I am from the USA and don't speak Dutch or German as of yet.